ZINE’s Top 10 UK Fashion Influencers (On Instagram)

17.05.2018 BRANDS

This week we are talking fashion – in particular our favourite fashion influencers on ZINE. Fashion is one of the most mature industries in the influencer marketing space, however with almost every influencer who happens to wear clothes identifying as a fashion influencer of sorts it can be a difficult space to navigate. With such a saturated market, how can fashion brands truly identify which ones will take your business further?

With over 60,000 influencers in the ZINE database, and a CEO who started her career modelling for the likes of Vogue, we happen to know a thing or two about fashion influencers. Something unique about ZINE’s database of fashion influencers, is that when influencers sign up to ZINE to receive their free media kit, they connect their social media accounts meaning we can provide them, and you advanced follower analytics. For fashion collaborations, we delve beyond the beautiful accounts, growth and engagement rates, looking further into their audience likes and brand affinities – so you can ensure if it’s a fashion audience you’d like to reach, a fashion audience is what you will get! With that in mind, here are my current top 10 fashion influencers on ZINE:


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | sophie instagram

Instagram handle: @xxsophiehermannxx

Followers: 173k

Why we love Sophie: Sophie who you may recognise from Made in Chelsea. In addition, she is a model, a blogger and a designer. Sophie, who mostly does luxury and beauty collaborations is great as her sponsored content fits naturally in her naturally glamorous unsponsored content.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | emma instagram

Instagram handle: @emmagraceland

Followers: 305k

Why we love Emma: Emma is a classic brit fashion influencer with a touch of Kardashian. She has great hair; great style and this seasoned influencer has done some great fashion and beauty collaborations. Emma shares both on her Instagram and her blog lots of fashion and lifestyle inspo – which is probably why she is so popular amongst the 20 something women. Emma shares with her following a London lifestyle to emulate.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | gwilly instagram

Instagram handle: @gwilympugh

Followers: 340k

Why we love Gwilym: Gwilym’s photography and style is fantastic. Though Gwilym isn’t strictly a fashion influencer he has an incredible versatility that we see work so well for men’s fashion. Again, his sponsored posts are hard to spot at first as they fit in so naturally with the rest of his profile.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | styleobster instagram

Instagram handle: @stylelobster

Followers: 50.3k

Why we love Emily: We love cool girl Emily Valentine Parr as we think she is going to be the next big thing. With a moderate following of just over 50k, she her Instagram account is experiencing exceptional growth, and it’s no surprise given the curation. She is classy, cool and fun – and has some awesome collaborations under her belt. In addition to Instagram, she is #winning at YouTube.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | naomi instagram

Instagram handle: @naomimillbanksmith

Followers: 94.3k

Why we love Naomi: She’s a model, she’s a mum and she has over 94k followers on her Instagram. However what’s particularly unique about Naomi is her followers are pretty much pure fashion in terms of interest. Paired with steady growth and excellent engagement, Naomi is a perfect example of a perfect fashion influencer.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | sammi instagram

Instagram handle: @sammijefcoate

Followers: 497k

Why we love Sammi: Ridiculously cool mum and blogger, Sammi’s account is alternative yet classic and provides quality fashion inspiration. Sammi has mastered the art of an account that is clearly impeccably curated, yet has a really natural feel. With over 200k followers on Instagram, Sammi has managed to maintain both high engagement and excellent growth.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | rowan instagram

Instagram handle: @rowanrow

Followers: 837k

Why we love Rowan: Blogger and instagrammer Rowan Row is a great mens fashion. He has over 438k followers, steadily high engagement and growth, and a high following of men who are specifically interested in fashion and clothing. While his style is pretty sharp, he is also a fitness influencer so we award him an additional gold star for versatility.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | roses instagram

Instagram handle: @roses_cloud

Followers: 261k

Why we love Roos: We love Roos because of her beautifully curated unique Instagram account. The Belgium born, LA living content creator describes herself as a storyteller, and her beautiful imagery does just that. Regardless of whether her posts are sponsored or not, she remains incredibly authentic, and stays true to her fabulous LA style.

“Three words that describe my style: colorful, trendy, with a touch of vintage-bohemian....”  Roos



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | lydia Instagram

Instagram handle: @lydiaemillen

Followers: 756k

Why we love Lydia: Lydia is pure fashion and beauty. She is particularly great for fashion collaborations as she points her followers to her blog to shop her style.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog |  nigel instagram

Instagram handle: @nicharles_card

Followers: 23.1k

Why we love Nigel: Not so long ago, Nigel, signed up on ZINE with less than 10k folllowers, and was listed as a micro instagrammer to watch. But, with consistently high engagement and steady growth, he now has over 23k followers and already has some pretty decent collaborations both for men’s grooming products and fashion. He has a unique style and profile – mostly consisting of sharp tailoring and his busy beard. 


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