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July 18, 2019


ZINE’s Top 10 Most Instagramable Locations

Did you know, out of the 200k influencers who use ZINE, 15% are self-certified travel bunnies?

It’s not that surprising that so many of you have caught the travel bug, with so many wonderful places around the world to take in! This week, in our Top 10 Most Instagramable Locations, we pick our favourite picture-perfect spots around our lovely little planet.

How many have you visited?


Out of this world


cappadocia, Turkey

Straight out of a sci-fi novel or fairy-tale you decide. The ancient region of Cappadocia is home to honey coloured boutique cave hotels and a sky that’s illuminated with the prettiest hot-air balloons almost all year round. (Photo credit @delafard)



Groeme 2


Saturnia Hot Springs, Italy

Well what did you know – rolling hills and lush-green vineyards isn’t the only thing Tuscany has to offer! According to Saturnia mythology, these cascading natural hot springs are the result of the god Saturn striking his lightning bolt into the ground. (Photo credit @travelthough)

Saturnia hot springs








The problem with Bali is that the sheer number of gram-tastic spots is overwhelming! From Waterfalls to Rice-Terraces, through to cliffs that look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex – you name it – this place has it!(Photo credits @francescomancinistyle & @luxurybackpacking)

Bali 2

ZINE Blog Ubud



Sun, sea, sand. Australia has some of the most amazing natural and man-made attractions. From the great barrier reef, to Icebergs at Bondi. And for the food-obsessed, it’s capital Melbourne is arguably the birthplace of both ‘the brunch’ and ‘the barista’. (Photo credit @rochellehumes)







La ville de l’amour… Paris is also the city of style, great wine and art. Almost every street is the perfect Instagram backdrop. (Photo credit @asos_lesley)





Please can I live in this pretty little cliff-edge cabin?! Norway gets our vote for the rugged winter beauty with the added bonus of catching a glimpse of the Northern lights which can be seen from September to March. (Photo credit @isabellath)



The Top Travel Brands Influencers Mention





For those of you who love the great outdoors and a sense of adventure, take a cheeky climb up Snowdon for the best view of the country. At 3,560 feet tall and often blanketed in snow, Snowdon’s name derives from Old English, meaning “snow hill.” (photo credit @challengesophie)

Snowdonia - ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog



If thatched roofs and the most perfect English gardens is your thing, you should probably bring your camera to The Cotswolds. The best word to describe it? Dreamy. (Photo credit: @monalogue) 

The Costwolds 2





Notting Hill

A whole 20-years ago (feeling very old now), the movie Notting Hill came out. Yet we are today, still very much obsessed with this London neighbourhood. From the pretty pastel house to the coffee shops and markets, Notting Hill shows London in the most fabulous light! (Photo credit: @xxsophiehermanxx 

Notting Hill 2

Notting Hill - ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog



Surrey, LAVENDER Fields

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in…  You can almost smell it. A lavender fields shot gives the perfect au-natural colour pop to your feed. (Photo credit: @styleslicker)

Lavendar Fields - Surrey