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July 16, 2020


Top inspiring travel influencers for your next campaign

As a brand in the travel niche, you know generating amazing content from around the world is important to increase engagement and most of all, increase sales.

Working with influencers gives you a global opportunity to work with some of the best creators. This means you can generate spectacular content from around the globe – without ever leaving your desk.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next travel related campaign, check out these impressive influencers. 

Why work with travel influencers?

Working with travel influencers can really help travel brands reach a wider audience and boost engagement. Many of the most popular travel influencers are just regular people who have gained a following based on their captivating content. So when brands partner with successful, trusted influencers, they help brands engage current customers and attract new fans from the influencers they are partnering with.

Giulio Aprin


Gulios Instagram
Giulio Aprin defines himself as a creative mind and a wild spirit. His feed is a collection of grand photographs of travels that define ‘Golden Hour’. His luxurious shots give off a very rich and divine aura which is the same on his website where he writes about destinations he’s been to, hikes he’s enjoyed and his lifestyle, with a focus on adventurous and luxurious trips. 

Simon Ramboer


Simon’s Instagram
Simon Ramboer is a content creator originally from Belgium who has been combining working and travel for the last few years! He’s visited a range of locations with his friends and created beautiful content along the way. Every place he visits almost creates a new theme on his Instagram feed which is super creative and impressive!


Robson Cadore & Nat Deduck


Robson Cadore & Nat Deduck Instagram
Robson Cadore & Nat Deduck are a travel couple goals! Their feed is a burst of colour, culture and a lavish lifestyle. Travelling the world together like two peas in a pod, the couple share their ups and downs on what it’s like to live and travel together for work! They’ve been to 55 countries so we can all agree they’re pretty well-travelled. 

Amy Berry


Amy Berry’s Instagram
Amy Berry’s feed is a big colourful storybook! Her feed is filled with magical shots of all her travels in cool blue and pink tones. Her use of colour is what differentiates her photographs from other travel bloggers. Her use of colours also accentuate the details of her amazing scenic views.

Moinul Mahdi


Mahdi’s Instagram
Mahdi is a travel photographer who enjoys a good backpacking experience. Despite his colour blindness, Mahdi captures beautiful photographs of landscapes all around the US. He also has a background in engineering but his love for capturing the moments of life, joy and vivid culture will always come first. 

Rachel Chen


Rachel’s Instagram
Rachel Chen is a travel and lifestyle influencer, her content ranges from cutesy cafe shots to beautiful views in Venice! She is known for her unique, 3-photo colour scheme on her Instagram feed. Her bright and inviting photos often have touches of pinks and warmer colour tones. They are the perfect representation of how she views the world.

Karina and Martin


Karina and Martin’s Instagram
Karina and Martin left the corporate world and set out to live their travelling dreams together shortly after marrying. They are adventurous and always ready to explore the hidden beauties and cultures around the world whilst taking stunning images to share with their followers along the way.

Simon Timbers


Simon’s Instagram
Simon Timbers is a professional travel photographer originally from California. He has been taking photographs since the age of 14, falling in love with taking photos after buying his first camera.  Simon has gained a following of over 100,000 on his Instagram. He is currently a professional photographer at 20 years old and pursuing his dream of traveling the world to take photos as he goes.

Jack Anstey


Jack’s Instagram
Jack Anstey is a professional photographer who specialises in outdoor photography. Whilst on his amazing adventures, he captures breathtaking photographs of amazing locations all over the world. Photography, adventure, the outdoors and travel have become a lot more than a career; it’s his way of life.

Cassie Samji


Cassie’s Instagram
Princess of the travel world! Cassie truly captures all her travels in the most chic and magical way possible. Her feed is full of pretty bursts of colour and glimmer! Everything she captures looks straight out of a fairy tale and we can all agree that’s what sets her apart from the rest!

Olga Vasyagina


Olga’s Instagram
Olga’s Instagram is a feed of eternal summer! The fun summer colours like peaches, blues and reds give off extremely tropical vibes and will leave you feeling extreme wanderlust. If you’re living in a cooler climate and craving the sunshine, Olgas feed is most definitely the place to go for that summer holiday inspiration! 


Working with Travel influencers

Now that you’ve had a glimpse at some of ZINE’s fabulous travel influencers, all that’s left now is to start defining your goals and seek out influencers that can help you achieve them!

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