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September 25, 2020

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Top Influencer Podcasts in 2020

Podcasts have been making a lot of (sound) waves recently with listeners enjoying inside scoops, gossip and deep conversations with their favourite creators and celebrities. As with everything, influencers have been quick to jump on board, offering even more insight into their lives, perspectives and experiences online.


Here’s exactly why you need to invest in podcast influencers:


  • There are over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes online.
  • 62 million people or 22% of the US population listens to podcasts weekly.
  • Podcast listeners are much more active on every social media channel (94% are active on at least one – vs 81% for the entire population)
  • 69% of people agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services.
  • Out of 300,00 people 63% of the respondents had bought what the podcast host promoted.

If you need help diving into the world of podcasts, we’ve made it easier for you. Here are ZINE’s top 10 podcasts right now, brought to us by some of our favourite influencers!

The Girls Bathroom – Sophia & Cinzia


girls bathroom



Sophia’s Instagram

Cinzia’s Instagram


The Girls Bathroom is a podcast full of girl chat and gossip, and a place where people confide with girls they’ve never even met!! In their podcast, Sophia and Cinzia help listeners with dilemmas, by making sense of boys’ wasting time, girls trying to make life difficult and all things in between. It’s almost as if you’re in a massive group chat with your girlies!


Getting Lippy With – Imogen Horton


get lippy


Imogen’s Instagram


Content creator, Imogen Horton ‘Gets Lippy’ in her podcast ‘Getting Lippy With’. In her weekly episodes, Imogen talks about her daily struggles in a casual, chatty and relatable manner. Her aim is to help and inspire listeners with similar or different struggles they face. She often has familiar faces from the influencer world (Emily Canham) appear in her podcasts too. They add their own opinion to problems and how they deal with them. Her podcast is a must for anyone wanting to kill time with entertaining and relaxing chatter.


Peachy Podcast – Niki and Sammy


peachy podcast


Niki & Sammys Instagram


Niki & Sammy’s, ‘Peachy Podcast’ is packed full of the hottest music news, behind the scenes gossip and internet trends. It’s almost like a melting pot of everything. If it’s trending they are probably talking about it! They’ve had fantastic guests including Jonas Blue and Steve Aoki. Peachy Podcast is so successful it was Nominated for the ‘Celeb Mix Awards 2018’!

The Waiting Room – Alex George


waiting room


Alex’s Instagram


The Waiting Room with Dr. Alex George looks at inspiring, lighthearted ways to enhance your life. He is joined by health experts and celebrities who share their stories and advice to listeners’ funny but awkward medical queries. Dr. Alex shares his own experiences from his time on the medical frontline and has had great celebrities such as Vicky Pattison and Iain Stirling join him to recall their own crazy experiences! If you’re looking for an informative but lighthearted podcast, we’d recommend listening! 



Wild ’Till 9 – Lauren Riihimaki and Jeremy Lewis


wild till 9


Lauren’s Instagram

Jeremy’s Instagram


Wild ‘Till 9 is a podcast hosted by Lauren Riihimaki and her partner Jeremy Lewis. It’s about relationships, spotting red flags and giving the green lights. Lauren and Jeremy give their inside scoop into how they’re making their relationship work, especially during lockdown. They often talk about what can go wrong in relationships and give advice on how to avoid common issues among young and early stages of relationships as well as lighthearted banter and occasional chat about themselves and their crazy lives as YouTubers in LA.



Private Podcast – Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle


private podcast


Jamie’s Instagram

Francis’ Instagram


Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle’s ‘Private Podcast’ is the debut of their souls to the world. They read their personal diaries out loud and give us an insight into the ups and downs and what it’s like to be entrepreneurs and influencers at the same time. Jamie and Francis are joined by a special celebrity guest each week, revealing the most intimate and sordid details of their own lives. It’s hilarious, it’s chaotic, it’s an all-round enjoyable listen!



Views – David Dobrik and Jason Nash




David’s Instagram

Jason’s Instagram


One of the most popular duos on YouTube David Dobrik and Jason Nash have their own podcast called ‘VIEWS’. The pair give us exclusive behind the scenes access to their crazy lives as vloggers in Los Angeles. With weekly episodes, the pair share their off-screen realities, insights into their friendships as well as topical discussion. They talk about the ups and downs of what it’s like to daily vlog and the hardships involved in being an online phenomenon, but always delivered with much-loved lighthearted banter. Whether you’re a fan of them both or not, we’d recommend listening. You’ll be sure to fall in love with their humour and charm!



Humanity Feels – Yasmin Elzomor 


humanity feels


Yasmin’s Instagram


Yasmin is a NYC based content creator and life coach. She inspires others to step into their power and be the absolute best versions of themselves. Her podcast is called ‘Humanity Feels’ and it’s all about love, life and all the things that make us human. Yasmin wanted to create this podcast to create an impact and help people understand themselves more and be the creators of their own lives. She talks about things like manifestation, spirituality, relationships and more! If you’re in need of a bit of that Monday morning motivation give it a listen!



This Might Get Uncomfortable – Whitney Lauritsen


this might get uncom


Whitney’s Instagram


‘This Might Get Uncomfortable’ the podcast hosted by Whitney Lauristen where she digs deep into the things that make people tick, their passions, bring them hope, joy, and inspiration. Whitney aims to help listeners get to the core of who they truly are and live in alignment with their core values and cultivate the courage to ask the tough questions to embody answers to get what they want. She ultimately wants to uplevel people and encourage them to become the best version of themselves. If you want to explore what it means to be human, Whitneys podcast will definitely take you in the right direction!



Wild & Basic – Murs Alison


wild and basic


Murs’ Instagram


‘Wild & Basic’ by Murs Alison. Mur’s podcast is about mental health and self-improvement tips. He showers his listeners with encouraging words through the funny and serious stories he tells with or without his guests. It’s full of vulnerable episodes but also lighthearted episodes to crack you up. The podcast’s mission of his podcast is to portray to all the listeners that it is okay to be vulnerable and express what you have gone through to become who you are today.


Wrapping things up


Now that you have seen and hopefully listened to some amazing examples of some Influencer Podcasts, all that is left is for you to browse for influencers that would fit your marketing strategy and find some influencers that would love to share your brand with the community.

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