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September 14, 2020


Top pet influencers for your next campaign

Animals are an important part of the Instagram community, providing audiences with cuteness as well as awareness and guidance for how to care for our pets.

Pet lovers always look for brands who are committed to animal care. Working with pet influencers gives brands the opportunity to demonstrate their values, their products, and how animals respond to their offering.


As a brand in the pet industry, you don’t just have to work with influencers who have pets. Now, pets themselves have their own influencer accounts with some animals having millions of followers. It’s not just the usual suspects of cats and dogs, either, and in this blog post we’ll show you a range of incredible animal and pet influencers you should consider for your next animal related campaign.





Instagram handle: @daxthechameleon


Followers: 313K


Why we love Dax: Dax is a  fabulous chameleon  who loves posing for photos and sharing his daily activities with his followers. His content ranges from trips to the vet to chilling at home with his owner. Instagram isn’t the only platform Dax uses to connect with his followers, he’s also a regular on the Humble House family’s YouTube channel too.





Instagram handle: @waffles_the_cat


Followers: 920K


Why we love Waffles: Waffles is a fluffy cat who loves fancy dress. He is so popular he regularly receives fan art. He’s a cat who’s cool enough to have his own merchandise line and was recognised as one of Forbes’ Top 10 Cat influencers in 2017.





Instagram handle: @pumpkintheraccoon


Followers: 1.3M


Why we love Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a cheeky raccoon from the Bahamas who was rescued following a large hurricane. Her content ranges from chilled days in the house to sharing the adventures she goes on with her foster siblings (two dogs).





Instagram handle: @babygirlbabysquirrel


Followers: 93.4K


Why we love Petiña: Petiña is one of the cutest fur balls you’ll find on Instagram! She was only 4 weeks old when she was rescued and ever since then, she’s kept her Instagram followers entertained with her playful demeanour and copious number of tricks.






Instagram handle: @otter_gonta


Followers: 108K


Why we love Gonta: Gonta is sweet otter from Japan. He is full of curiosity, loves cuddling, exploring and playing with his favourite toys. His  daily routine includes eating, playing and sleeping. She’s living everyone’s dream life!


Lionel And Lilo




Instagram handle: @lionelthehog


Followers: 147K


Why we love Lionel and Lilo: Lionel and Lilo are no ordinary Instagram pets. Lionel shot to fame after being noticed by Joe Jonas! Since then, these hedgehogs have been on a crazy journey to Insta fame. They’re so popular they’ve worked with brands like West Elm to create hedgehog themed home accessories.





Instagram handle: @juniperfoxx


Followers: 2.9M


Why we love Juniper: Juniper is a red fox who lives in a home full of rescued exotic animals. Her feed features a bunch of different photographs of what it’s like living in a house full of different animals together as one big family, it’ll be sure to touch your heart!






Instagram handle: @galago_plum


Followers: 105K


Why we love Plum: This primate is a star from Japan who loves spending time with her family. However, Plum is a natural social media star and can be found creating content for Instagram, YoTube and TikTok!


Prissy and Pop




Instagram handle: @prissy_pig


Followers: 704K


Why we love Prissy and Pop: These are no doubt the most fashionable pigs you’ll see on the internet. If you’re in need of any wacky and wonderful style inspo for your pets (or yourself?) you’ll be sure to find it here!


Mr. Bagel




Instagram handle: @chinnybuddy


Followers: 102K


Why we love Mr. Bagel: Mr. Bagel is a furry activist against animal testing and the fur industry. He uses his platform to fight against animal cruelty! As well as learning about the reality of animal testing and Mr Bagels feed will surely put a smile on your face.






Instagram handle: @teddytheshetland


Followers: 150K


Why we love Ted: This Instagrammable pony is a part-time therapy pony who socialises with everyone and anyone. Ted is the fluffiest therapist there is! He will no doubt add a splash of positive vibes to your Instagram by sharing what he does during his free time. You can often find him modelling and making new friends.






Instagram handle: @buckleythehighlandcow


Followers: 74.6K


Why we love Buckley: Buckley is a Scottish highland cow living in Northern Carolina.  She shares her Instagram account with two of her farm friends (Ralphy -miniature Nubian- and Wally -Pot Belly-). She loves to share her day-by-day activities on video, like morning routines and walks to meet other animals at the barn.






Instagram handle: @siberianhusky_jax


Followers: 165K


Why we love Jax: Jax is a husky who lives in Norway with his owner, Sandra. They both  enjoy sports and exploring. His feed is filled with adventures and insight as to what it is like to be a tourist with a dog.


Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong




Instagram handle: @realdiddykong


Followers: 920K


Why we love Diddy and Yeti: Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong are BEST friend goals and do everything together! These two monkeys are always posing. They both enjoy trying different activities and playing around. Their feed contains videos of them enjoying baths and eating their favourite dishes.






Instagram handle: @popeyethefoodie


Followers: 416K


Why we love Popeye: The furriest foodie on Instagram. Popeye loves to travel and dine at pet-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles. He shares his experience on Instagram for fellow doggy friends to see. If you’re in LA and need puppy friendly restaurant ideas, Popeye will always have a great idea of where you should go!