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August 26, 2020


Top health and wellness influencers 

This month we’re all about Health and Wellness so we’ve devised our top Instagram influencers specialising Health & Wellness.

Only 56% of people believe they are in excellent or very good health. So whether you’re determined to get your head in a good place, want to beat your running personal best or have resolved to understand how your body works that bit better, we’ve gathered some of the best health and wellness influencers for your brand to follow!

The health and wellness industry is huge and rife for businesses to leverage customers across a range of different sub-categories. Recent data highlights the value of each sub category:

  • Personal Care, Beauty and Anti-Aging ($1,083 billion)
  • Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Weight Loss ($702 billion)
  • Wellness Tourism ($639 billion)
  • Fitness and Mind-Body ($595 billion)
  • Preventative and Personalised Medicine and Public Health ($575 billion)
  • Traditional and Complementary Medicine ($360 billion)
  • Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate ($134 billion)
  • Spa Economy ($119 billion)
  • Thermal/Mineral Springs ($56 billion)
  • Workplace Wellness ($48 billion)

It’s never been a better time to start using influencers who already have authority within your niche to help you find new audiences, discover new customers and grow your brand.

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Alan Filauro


Alans’s Instagram

Why we love Alan: Alan believes that living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body & letting go of the fads that get caught up with. His aim is to help people identify their fitness goals. As well as being a fitness fanatic, Alan also has his own online fitness program called Filauro Fuel.


Imran Rai


Imran’s Instagram

Why we love Imran: Imran Rai is a Vancouver, Canada, based blogger. She loves promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle as well as a natural style. Imran typically talks about skincare, jewellery, fitness, and healthcare on all her social media and likes to partner with brands that align with her values and healthy lifestyle.




Elena’s Instagram

Why we love Elena: “Eat well and train hard” is Elena’s motto! She is a Germany-based fitness and wellness influencer who as well as giving fitness tips and tricks to her followers also studies Marketing Management at University. She serves up healthy recipes and tonnes of fitness motivation on her blog!


Adriana Fox


Adriana’s Instagram

Why we love Adriana: Adriana developed a hunger (literally) for learning about nutrition, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle at an early age. As she got older, she decided to combine her passions of cooking and healthy living and started her insanely mouthwatering and colourful Instagram @fitandwellmedgal. Providing simple and nutritious recipes for all her followers!


Tiago Fragoso


Tiago’s Instagram

Why we love Tiago: Tiago is a talented recipe creator, with a passion for teaching and leading a healthy lifestyle, Tiago set up his Instagram account to inspire and show others that leading a vegetarian/vegan diet is far from limited. He also loves to travel, whilst experiencing new countries and culture. A lover of great food and music in general!

Theo Caldwell


Theo’s Instagram

Why we love Theo: Theo is a fitness and wellness fanatic. He’s the owner and founder of his own fitness studio called ‘PNP Fitness’. Whilst being a personal training specialist he also holds online coaching for people all around the globe! If you’re looking for any sort of motivation or inspiration, we would highly recommend giving Theo’s Instagram a look!


Quianna Camper



Quianna’s Instagram

Quianna is a personal trainer and a health and wellness coach, born and raised in New Jersey. Quianna’s journey with fitness began long before she became a social media influencer! She started her career at a young age in dance and eventually started going to the gym to become the best version of herself! As she trains others, Quianna highlights the connection between fitness and loving yourself unconditionally, nurturing others to become the best versions of themselves!



Lucy’s Instagram

Why we love Lucy: Lucy inspires her fans to understand that a meal’s value doesn’t rest solely on its nutritional counts. She creates captivating visuals explaining “that tracking the calories in your kale salad or grams of sugar in your apple perhaps isn’t the best route to a chilled, relaxed relationship with food,” Her Instagram feed is a constant reminder that you can’t always judge how valuable an ingredient is by simply peeking at the nutrition facts on its packaging. She describes her Instagram as ‘passive-aggressively calling out fitness bs’ and we can all agree she definitely does a good job of doing so!


Hannah Webb


Hannah’s Instagram

Why we love Hannah: As well as being a massive foodie, Hannah is passionate about ensuring health and wellbeing for all. She has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Public Health, and is currently working in Children and Young People’s Mental Health in London. Talk about being a boss lady! Hannah is keen to bust myths in the mental wellness sphere and share evidence-based findings to support positive health and wellbeing for all.


Wrapping things up

Now that you have seen some amazing examples of Health and wellness influencers, all that is left is for you to browse for influencers that would fit your marketing strategy and find a Health and Wellness influencer that would love to share your brand with the community.

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