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May 17, 2018


The Secrets To Success As An Influencer

Unless you happen to be a member of the Kardashian clan, to build your business as a successful influencer you will have to put a great deal of work into it. With 40,000 influencers signed up to ZINE we have learnt some things along the way. Here are our top tips to success as an influencer:


  • ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Secrets to success as an influencerBe Current – You need to be an early adopter and your content needs to be current. Successful influencers stay on top of new trends and leverage their attention for their own content.
  • Be consistent – Posting fresh and engaging content is key to being a successful influencer. Consistency may mean slightly different things depending on which channel you are trying to push, but mostly will mean at least one post a day. To do this in practice, you’ll need to set aside time and resources (photographer, locations, props etc) to create a repository of content you can drip feed to your profile. To ensure your followers keep engaging with your content, you also need to consistently engage with them – like their content, comment share etc.
  • Try & Test – Becoming a successful influencer goes beyond simply creating engaging content. You will also need to give your content the best chance of achieving the greatest reach. In addition to trailing and testing content to see what works, you will also need to test and perfect your posting strategy. The biggest things to test are the time of day you share your posts, and which hashtags work the best. Statistically, posts with at least three hashtags outperform those with fewer or none, and ideally your first hashtag should be something relating to you / a hashtag you ‘own’.

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  • Build Your Network – The most successful content creators and influencers nail real life as well as social media. You need to get yourself out there IRL to build your network of fellow bloggers / influencers, PR’s and brands. Bonus tip: Keep an eye out for industry events and reach out to up and coming bloggers, content creators and influencers directly to meet up and exchange tips!

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Pitch’in – The most successful influencers are good at pitching themselves. A good pitch will convey why collaborating with you is so lucrative to the brand in question – it will also help you to secure the best rate for your collaboration. A big part of this is understanding who your audience is. Your free ZINE media kit breaks down your audience across a number of verticals per channel. As it also shows (and links through to) current content, and up to date engagement rate over time it’s a valuable resource to use and refer to in your pitches.


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