Tamanna Beauty | ZINE Influencer Interview Series

For this month's instalment of our Interview Series, we spoke to Tamanna from Tamanna Beauty who curates stunning makeup looks, featuring a good...
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22.11.2018 INFLUENCER

Get Creative: 5 Christmas Content Ideas For Influencers

With Christmas just around the corner, it's a great excuse to mix up your content by getting into the festive spirit. Everybody loves the festive...

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15.11.2018 INFLUENCER

What Is A Sustainable Fashion Influencer?

With the fashion industry being labeled as one of the most wasteful industries it comes as no shock that people are starting to take notice of the...

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08.11.2018 INFLUENCER

Top 10 Tips For Making Money With Your Blogger Media Kit

So, I’m guessing that you started off blogging as a bit of a hobby, amassed a loyal and engaged following and now you want to step things up a...

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01.11.2018 INFLUENCER

Sara Toufali: Black And Blooms | ZINE Influencer Interview Series

For this week's instalment of ZINE's Influencer Series we speak to the blossoming blogger of Black And Blooms, Sara Toufali to discuss all things...

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Get Reach Insights on Your ZINE Media Kit

It’s finally happening, soon you will be able to show the geographic and demographic break down of your Instagram audience on your external ZINE...

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Engagement Rates 101: How to Boost Your Engagement Rate By Understanding Your Audience

This is the first part of our influencer series, Engagement Rates 101.  In this series you will learn all there is to know about calculating,...

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18.10.2018 INFLUENCER

Killer Influencer Media Kit Template

Most professional bloggers and influencers will have a media kit. Influencer media kits are important to both help you win new business by...

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ASA Guidelines For Influencers

ASA published an influencers guide to ad disclosure last Friday (28th September 2018), which was desperately needed as the lines with influencer...

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How To Get Verified By Instagram

Who knew that a little blue tick could hold so much power. That exclusive little badge on Instagram that represents, trust, authenticity, and...

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