21.11.2019 BRANDS

Facebook to limit the number of ads brands can run simultaneously

In Facebook’s October Graph and Marketing API update, they announced some changes that will affect brands and advertisers.

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19.09.2019 BRANDS

Easy ways to find social influencers for your brand

26% of brands cite ‘finding influencers’ as their second biggest challenge when it comes to social media influencer marketing.

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13.09.2019 BRANDS

The most influential parenting & kids brands on ZINE

Since 2017, startups targeting parents have generated over $300 million in funding. This doesn't even account for more established brands who...

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06.09.2019 BRANDS

6 effective influencer product seeding strategies you need to try

Marketers and brands use product placement or seeding to get their products in front of a wide audience to generate more attention (or even) sales.

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30.08.2019 BRANDS

Difference between nano, micro, mid-level, macro and mega influencers [+Quiz]

When brands begin thinking about running influencer marketing campaigns, usually the first thought is to opt for the influencer with the largest...

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23.08.2019 BRANDS

56 incredible women in tech influencers you need to know

When people think about influencers, they usually think about fashion, travel and beauty. Realistically, though, you can be an influencer in any...

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09.08.2019 BRANDS

28 YouTube influencer marketing statistics for 2019

Second to Google, YouTube acts as the world’s largest search engine and second most visited site.

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How Many Followers do you Really Gain by Going on Love Island?

Love Island might be over and our winners crowned (well done, Amber and Greg), but for the other contestants on love Island, their journey is just...

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26.07.2019 BRANDS

Top Travel Influencer Campaigns That Paid Off

Did you know it's been proven that experiences boost creativity and are easier to recall than products? That's exactly why the smartest brands are...

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05.07.2019 BRANDS

The Top Travel Brands Influencers Talk About [Infographic]

In case you didn't realise, the travel bug is real, and there's a huge rise in the number of vacations people are taking. In fact, according to...

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