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12.04.2019 BRANDS

Although influencer marketing is only recently becoming more popular, some young start up brands recognised its power from day one. Those early adopters of influencer marketing mastered their strategy and built their entire brand around it. By selecting the perfect influencers for their brand and creating fun and authentic campaigns, they have generated organic content for their products, which has resulted in the brands growing at a rapid rate.

So, at ZINE we decided to select 3 of our favourite young brands who's strategy is winning at influencer marketing...


Glossier Influencer Marketing Strategy:

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Glossier

Instagram: @glossier

Followers: 1.9 million

Why they're nailing it: Since pre-launch Glossier has always stayed true to their belief that "every single person is an influencer"* so it is no surprise that 70%* of their growth is attributed to owned, earned, peer-to-peer or organic channels. Founder, Emily Weiss who also runs her blog In The Gloss, has always put consumers at the heart of Glossier. Having over 500 ambassadors for the brand all with varying audience sizes that consumers can shop Glossier through gives them a huge online presence.

Not only do the team go through all their Instagram mentions, they regularly repost consumer images of their products in their incredibly instagramable packaging and their favourites even get invited to take part in their marketing campaigns. 

They also recognise that their consumers aren't exclusively going to just use their products and share stories and posts of them being used in contingency with other brands such as L'oreal. This creates a much more authentic and powerful content. 

Glossier's "mission of giving voice through beauty" is certainly a great one when it comes to influencer marketing and has resulted in them creating a huge online community. We're obsessed! 

Key take away: Value all of your consumers equally - not just those with a huge following 


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Bumble Influencer Marketing Strategy:

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Bumble Young Brands Pioneering Influencer Marketing 

Instagram: @bumble

Followers: 503k

Why they're nailing it: Whitney Wolf Herd, launched Bumble in a bid to tackle issues of harassment and abuse on dating platforms and this along with other social issues remains at the core of their ethos and marketing strategy. Bumble tackles these in a light-hearted but effective way, partnering with brand ambassadors with a similar stance. 

During the launch of Bumble they worked with 'hyper-micro-influencers' to spread the word, creating authentic and genuine relationships with consumers. This is still key today, with the launch of @bumlebff they appointed Sara & Erin Foster as co-creative directors. The sisters who are influencers in their own right, utilised Bumble BFF to find real users to befriend and meet up with. This process was documented on Instagram and generated a huge buzz around the product. 

The extension of Bumble to @bumblebizz has opened up networking events, talks and true connections to collaboratively spearhead other businesses. They partnered with experiential marketing agency 'Bloggers Who Brunch' to highlight women in entertainment, promoting diversity and inclusion to generate meaningful conversation & connection for change. 

Micro-influencers and real users have always been key to their campaigns and has resulted in over 40 million users and almost a 100% annual growth rate, they are true pioneers in the millennial world. 

Key Takeaway: Collaborating with likeminded individuals and experts to create a community of change within the industry that resonates with their followers.


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Miss Pap Influencer Marketing Strategy:

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Miss Pap Young Brands Pioneering Influencer Marketing

Instagram: @misspap

Followers: 1 million

Why they are nailing it: Launching in 2013 Miss Pap has amassed a huge following through recognising that Instagram and influencers are a huge part of everyday life for millennials. Introducing an instashop allowed their followers to shop the looks from influencers direct from their feed. They have also collaborated with influencers to create capsule collections which tap into their loyal follower base. Their most recent collaboration with Arianna Ajtar, influencer and actress was their first gender-neutral collection breaking boundaries in the fast fashion. Miss Pap have also collaborated with Ferne McCann, Amber Turner and various other influencers/celebrities. 

Key takeaway: Always being one step ahead and creating collections that tap into an audience to build meaningful & loyal consumer relationships. 


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