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July 09, 2020


10 ways to repurpose influencer content – [Checklist]

It shouldn’t surprise you that 50% of B2C companies say creating engaging content is a key challenge they face, second only to measure the effectiveness of their content. The best B2C marketers understand how to use their content from influencers to populate their social channels. 

A core benefit of using influencer content is that you already have proven statistics for how that piece of content resonated with your target audience. In order to actually use the influencer’s content, adhere to the fair use time period according to your contract agreement.

‘Fair use’ or content usage rights define who owns the content and where it can be used. For brands and agencies, these rights will establish the additional channels the content can be used on and how long they can be used for. When negotiating usage right try to ascertain:

  • Placement: where the content can be used, whether that’s on your social channels or within paid media. This will help you devise the right repurposing strategy for your organisation. 
  • Length of time. 

When establishing content usage rights, both parties should be in agreement with the proposed terms.

If you’re running always-on influencer marketing campaigns, build these clauses into your contracts allowing you to repurpose content elsewhere. That way you’ll be armed with an arsenal of hundreds or even thousands of high-quality, content with proven results. If you use a social media content library, you’ll have a clear view of what content you have to hand and the usage you have available.


Access our checklist to discover the top 10 ways your brand can repurpose influencer content  


Why you should repurpose influencer content

Running influencer campaigns without repurposing the content is a mistake. Influencers not only provide you with a targeted audience to get in front of but they also provide you with the quality content you can use on other channels.

Repurposing content extends its shelf life beyond the influencer’s post. Influencer content has a limited shelf life, only appearing on followers’ feed for a few days, if not hours, before being pushed away in favour of recent posts. Considering the day and time of the post going live is crucial to maximising reach but varies by influencer and is on most occasions, out of control for the brand.

Facebook Infographic Socials-31

Repurposing on paid social is becoming the norm. Not only this, but brands are increasingly looking to boost influencer content with paid media spend. Doing so gives them the chance to improve performance. They can decide exactly who the content goes to and what channels it’s seen on.

Interestingly, 58% of brands state they plan to increase their marketing budget in 2020, but many still struggle to properly attribute ROI to their influencer marketing efforts. Supporting influencer marketing with paid social maximises influencer campaign budgets. It also means brands can look at performance-orientated metrics and gather results and data comparable with other marketing channels while comparing influencer content on a like-for-like basis. 

Repurposing by industry 

In our latest industry report, we looked at whether food and drinks brands repurposed influencers’ content on their social platforms or website.

F+D Graph

We saw 25% of food & beverage brands repurpose influencer content onto their own social media channels but only 14% utilise this content within their website content. Compared to data from our state of influencer marketing report, the food and drinks industry falls below the benchmarks across the whole the wider range of industries.

Access our checklist to discover the top 10 ways your brand can repurpose influencer content  

Wrapping it up

Multiple studies show that influencer content consistently outperforms brand-owned content because of the authenticity of the content. Consumers feel closer to influencers than they do brands and as a result, the content resonates further than some of a brand’s own content.

Repurpose influencer content across channels to maximise your results and leverage their creative assets to support your brand.

To speak with one of our team about repurposing influencer content on paid socials or building your own brand content library, get in touch.