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June 10, 2020


Photography bloggers and influencers on Instagram

It goes without saying, Instagram is the ideal social media platform to use for photography influencers to showcase their work. 

Whether you’re a camera brand looking to work with top talent, or your brand is in need of high-quality photographers, Instagram is a great place to start your search.

In this post, we’ve compiled 10 of the best photography instagram influencers you should consider working with on your next campaign. 

Rich McCor


Paperboyo’s Instagram

Why we love Rich: Rich McCor is the man behind the Instagram handle Paperboyo. Rich is responsible for transforming some of the world’s most iconic landmarks into quirky humorous art pieces by using intricate designs cut out of black paper. Looking through his Instagram will have you seeing the world in a completely different light. One of his most famous pieces of art is the Arc de Triomphe which he transformed into a lego man. You will see innovative works of art being brought to life on the simplest buildings and landmarks, as he travels all around the world sharing his adventures and artwork with his followers.

Ali Buckley


Ali’s Instagram

Why we love Ali: Ali is a freelance digital content creator who loves to produce magical & memorable photography. The main focus of her photographs are the simple moments she shares with her family. She uses the backdrop of her unique home interior to showcase the brands she works with. When photographing her children and home life she brings her personal brand to life through magical and dreamy edits in a normal day to day environment. Ali shows the highs and lows of being a mother of two while juggling work and home life. Keeping it real while spreading a positive and supporting message.


Stephanie Edwards


Stephanie’s Instagram

Why we love Stephanie: Stephanie is a British photographer based in the Netherlands and is the queen of Photoshop. Her Instagram is where everyone’s dreams, fantasies and art collide. Stephanie’s extraordinary skills in photography and Photoshop allow her to create fairy tales out of what initially are simple photographs. Stephanie takes her followers on digital journeys through whimsical forests, the depths of the mystical oceans and everything in between. Taking inspiration from everything and anything she is the muse for all her pieces. We can all agree she’s earned her tiara and should definitely be the newest addition to Disney’s Princess crew.


Daniel Rueda & Anna


Daniel’s Instagram

Why we love Daniel and Anna: These two are one hell of a creative duo, having met at the ‘Universitat Politècnica de València’, they both studied architecture but decided to focus their professional career on creative photography (Best decision ever). This creative duo uses their architectural background to tell stories through fun and surprising images that are far from standard architectural photography. Their style is characterised by many things like simple humour, precision and delicate aesthetics. They are both inspired by urbanism & geometry to create the most simple yet satisfying pieces of artwork that they share with their followers! They’ve even had the chance to collaborate with brands like Netflix, Coca-Cola & Disney!



Bianca’s Instagram

Why we love Bianca: Bianca is the name behind ‘The Green Creator’ on Instagram. She is a vegan/whole food plant-based blogger and photographer that started way back in 2013. Bianca noticed there was a lack of information out there regarding vegan and plant-based lifestyles, so she decided to chronicle all her recipes online in the form of a blog. She creates amazing recipes along with mouthwatering photographs she shares with her followers.

Sophia Carey


Sophia’s Instagram

Why we love Sophia: Sophia Carey is a freelance photographer as well as designer from London. Although Sophia specialises in fashion photography, her work is very clean & raw and has an element of everyday life which many would say is the opposite of super high fashion photography. Her pictures are almost like stills from people’s everyday lives with the slightest bit of flare. Sophia has added her own twist to the meaning of fashion photography and has done an amazing job of capturing urban street fashion in her own way.

Joel Thorpe


Joel’s Instagram

Why we love Joel: Joel is an adventure-lifestyle filmmaker and photographer based in Brighton, England. Joel’s work reflects his passion for travel and escapism. When it comes to his photography, vibrant sunrise/sunset hues of red, pink and blue dominate his work as he believes that soft dream-like lighting provided by sunrise and sunset helps create an atmosphere of serenity. (and we completely understand why) Joel simply wants to inspire others through visual content, and move them in some way and hopefully inspire them to go out and see the beauty the world has to offer.

Andrew Optics


Andrew’s Instagram

Why we love Andrew: Andrew is an award-winning freelance photographer that specialises in many areas of photography, jack of all trades you could say. He takes amazing photographs of people, countries, cities, interior, and everything in between. His skills and talents have given him the opportunity to work with amazing brands such as Sixt USA & Mazda

For as long as he can remember Andrew has always had a deep interest in photography. Andrew believes photography can change lives and that a single photo has the ability to inspire and he tries to embody that in each of his photographs.

Terry Mclaughlin


Terry’s Instagram

Why we love Terry: Terry is a Los Angeles based urban, street, and fashion photographer. His photographs are a burst of colour and intricate details from places all around the world. Terry has an eye for capturing intricate patterns in structures and city skylines, that usually wouldn’t be noticed. He uses interesting and wacky angles to showcase buildings that look almost magical and somewhat futuristic. 

Carl Brightman


Carl’s Instagram

Why we love Carl: Carl Brightman and is a British photographer/Drone photographer. He is inspired by the outdoors and nature. He creates original, engaging content that keeps you thinking and wondering what’s out in the world to see! His unique style stands out from the rest, due to the extreme angles and heights he takes his photographs from. Especially as he uses his drone for his dreamy birdseye view snaps. 

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