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August 05, 2020


Parent, family mum and dad influencers to know about

When raising a family, parent’s often seek advice from other parents – people who have been through what they’re going through.

They’re always on the hunt for handy tips and social media has become a great platform for that. Family influencers, in particular, share their struggles, tips, experiences, and honest feelings with their community.

Working with family bloggers gives your brand the best when it comes to parenting: the approval from a well-known parent.

Check-out these family influencers for inspiration for your next campaign.

Why work with family bloggers?

Family influencers are a great choice for your brand for many reasons. For starters, they capture natural and spontaneous moments with their children. As parenting influencers would never put their children in danger and will avoid faulty products, there’s a sense of credibility when they promote a brand.

Another important reason is their content is highly engaging. This type of content has a strong community of parents behind it, looking for advice and ideas to raise their children.

Due to their high-quality content and high engagement, it’s not only family related brands that decide to work with this type of influencers. Famously recognised mums and dads on Instagram usually encounter offers from brands outside of the parenting industry such as home-design, food, beauty, and travel brands.


Eve Mayrand


Eve’s Instagram

Eve is a Toronto based mommy blogger. Her feed is a showreel of warm and neutral tones that show off her beautiful family life as well as her stunning home decor. Not only is Eve a blogger but she is also a voice over artist and an on-air tv segments expert! The ultimate super mum!


Elsa Sturge

Elsa’s Instagram

Elsa and her family are French-speaking and living in the UK. Both Elsa and her husband are full-time teachers during the week and part-time family bloggers on the weekend! Her feed is simple and beautiful whilst showcasing her perfect little family and her adventurous son  (who often loves to pretend he is chasing dinosaurs) Raphaël.

Michelle Visser


Michelle’s Instagram

Michelle’s Instagram feed is filled with wholesome photographs that can put a smile on anyone’s face. Her use of candid photographs gives us an insight into her real and raw family life which is one of the reasons she stands out from many other family bloggers. Her use of warm browns and autumnal filters really do give off a very homey welcoming vibe.


Eva Lange


Eva’s Instagram

Eva is a mummy to 3 darling girls! Living in a beautiful house with a small garden in Munich City. She loves to decorate and show off her beautiful interior on her Instagram feed, especially the children’s rooms! If you’re a mummy or daddy to be and looking for amazing bedroom inspiration Eva is the lady to see!

Rebeccah Eriksson


Rebeccah’s Instagram

Rebeccah is a Sweden based family blogger/ Interior addict! Her feed is heavily focused on beautiful vintage, second-hand finds to display and decorate her amazing eco home, she loves a good industrial look and it shows. She also showcases her sustainable ways to decorate and live with her loyal followers.

Emma Johansson


Emma’s Instagram

Emma is a digital creator, photographer, author and interior influencer from Sweden. Her photographs are beautiful and have elements of nature and cottagecore styling. Not only does she have a gorgeous Instagram feed that almost looks like a vintage fairytale in itself, but she is also the founder of the book ‘Livsjournalen’.


Faye Gooding


Faye’s Instagram

Faye Gooding is a mother to five boys and based in Cornwall, UK. Faye’s Instagram feed is the perfect mix of fun, chaotic, playful and loving content. She showcases what it’s like to have a bigger family and the ups and downs of raising and homeschooling six children! Talk about Wonder women!


Cheeia Xiong


Cheeia’s Insta

Cheeia, one of our favourite mummy fashionistas! She combines mummy life and fashion in the BEST way! Her feed is gorgeously simple and she has curated such a beautiful feed full of colour and heartwarming images of herself and her children. If you’re looking for someone with luscious content we’d recommend giving her a follow.


Danielle Dean


Danielle’s Instagram

Danielle a content creator and photographer based in the North of England. Danielle is a genius when it comes to making her magical edits with her daughter Sienna! Her photographs look straight out of storybooks and her talent is phenomenal, she’s so good shes even been featured in ELLE kids magazine!


Emma Sherborne


Emma’s Instagram

Our Yorkshire based Instagram Mummy of 7 which includes gorgeous triplet girls, blogs all things from parenting, fashion, food to interior design & lifestyle. Her triplets are the stars of the show and are regularly showing off their fabulous matching outfits. We doubt you’ll find anything cuter than them!



Now that you have seen some amazing examples of family bloggers, all that is left is for you to browse for influencers that would fit your marketing strategy and find a family influencer that would love to share your brand with the community.

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