01.05.2020 BRANDS

Why the future of influencer marketing is community

Influencer marketing has evolved over the years, from a novelty to a marketing tactic entrenched within modern businesses. This evolution has...

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21.04.2020 INFLUENCER

Nature hashtags for Instagram

Calling all outdoor adventurers, use the recommended hashtags listed below to make your nature and travel posts on Twitter, Instagram, and other...

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08.04.2020 BRANDS

12 British YouTube influencers with excellent content

12 British YouTubers you need to know

Whether you’re looking to run a campaign right now or considering one in the future - British YouTube...

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01.04.2020 BRANDS

Influencer marketing for startups and small businesses [+Examples]

Although social media influencer marketing is only recently becoming more popular, some young start up brands recognised its power from day one....

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30.03.2020 BRANDS

The impact of Covid-19 on social media

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has affected everyone globally. At ZINE, we wanted to look closer at what impact this has had on social media and how this...

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25.03.2020 BRANDS

Top 15 Chef Instagram influencers

As a food brand, you want to partner with top food and chef influencers who have an audience interested in food. Maybe you want an influencer to...

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18.03.2020 INFLUENCER

An influencers’ guide to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about COVID-19, the global virus pandemic that affects us all. Not only is it detrimental to people’s health but it...

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Pricing major issue for influencers and brands [NEW DATA 2020]

For brands and influencers, pricing still appears to be a cause of confusion. Brands are unsure what a fair pricing model should be and...

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04.03.2020 BRANDS

57 Influencer marketing statistics you need to know in 2020

In our latest influencer marketing report, we surveyed brands and influencers to gain a greater understanding of the industry to date. Our...

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27.02.2020 BRANDS

Influencer marketing trends 2020: Statistics + report

ZINE’s annual influencer marketing report surveyed 1000 influencers and 100 brands to understand the true state of the influencer marketing...

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