04.07.2019 BRANDS

ZINE's Top 10 Mid-Level Influencers

At ZINE, influencers with a following of 50-200k are considered 'mid-level'. Influencers within this bracket tend to have the best of both worlds...

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04.07.2019 BRANDS

ZINE's Top 10 Micro Influencers

What is a micro influencer? Here at ZINE we define micro influencers as those with a following between 2k and 50k. While these influencers have a...

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BRIDGE Models | ZINE Agency Interview Series

For this months Interview Series, we’re changing things up and are catching up with Mariam and the team from BRIDGE Models which is a curve...

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14.06.2019 BRANDS

How do I Boost my Influencer Content on Instagram?

Its good news all round with the latest announcement from Instagram – you can now boost influencer content directly from the gram! We have long...

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Jessica Megan | ZINE Influencer Interview Series

It's health and fitness month here at ZINE and you're in for a treat as we speak to Cosmopolitan health & well-being influencer award nominee, ...

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The Top Health & Fitness Brands Influencers Talk About [Infographic]

Scrolling through our Instagram feeds, health and fitness influencers have us transfixed on their workout regimes and healthy lifestyles. Whilst...

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31.05.2019 BRANDS

Key Takeaways From The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards

As I’m sure you’ll all agree, one of the perks of working in influencer marketing is the amazing people you get to meet, and this week was no...

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24.05.2019 BRANDS

Top 5 Food Collaborations Brands Can Learn From

The Food and Beverage industry contributes to over £31.1 billion of the economy and influencers are aiding the generation of revenue. Up until now...

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The Top Food & Beverage Brands Influencers Talk About [Infographic]

Food products, recipe books, restaurants, supermarkets, beverages, utensils, the list of what the food and beverage industry offers is endless....

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03.05.2019 BRANDS

No more likes? We’d like that…

Over 3 years ago, ZINE conducted a comprehensive survey of teenagers and their social media habits. Back then, the most apparent thing was, that...

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