FMCG influencer marketing strategies that work in 2020

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands are increasingly using influencer marketing as part of their wider marketing strategy. But how effective...

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Instagram creator vs business account


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Social media reach vs impressions: which is most important?

Within influencer marketing, you’ll hear phrases such as “reach” and “impressions”. You know they’re important, but do you fully understand the...

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Impressions vs engagement: Understanding the difference

If you’ve ever been confused about the difference between impressions and engagement, this blog post distils it all. The reason the terms are...

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Our research reveals the true impact of Instagram hiding likes

In June 2019, Instagram announced their plan to hide the number of likes a photo received from end-users to stop the platform feeling like a...

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22.11.2019 BRANDS

Influencer content usage rights: what brands need to know

According to a report by Altimeter, 57% of marketers said influencer content outperformed brand’s own content. That’s why so many brands are...

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21.11.2019 BRANDS

Facebook to limit the number of ads brands can run simultaneously

In Facebook’s October Graph and Marketing API update, they announced some changes that will affect brands and advertisers.

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30.10.2019 NEWS

How Instagram's platform changes affect brands


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Free influencer marketing tools to find and manage influencers

We understand that not all brands and businesses have the budget needed to run large-scale influencer marketing campaigns.

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Should children be social media influencers? ZINE explores...

With the rise of children becoming social media influencers, it’s important to reflect on how much information we put online, not only about...

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