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June 18, 2020


The best mixologist Instagram influencers (2020)

Mixologist influencers on Instagram have an uncanny ability to not only create impressive cocktails but showcase these through impeccable imagery. 

We’ve compiled some of the best mixologist talent you need to know about. Whether you’re a spirit brand looking for a new way to use your product or simply want to make use of talented mixologists, this list is a great starting point.  




Stir_crazy_cocktails Instagram

Why we love stir_crazy_cocktails: Andrew is the mixologist behind the cocktail glass. His drinks are crazy (like his username), but also have a dash of elegance. His creations are the perfect balance of both and he is able to capture them in amazing photographs is why they can connect and impress many different audiences! 




Liquid_community Instagram

Why we love Liquid_community: Liquid community has a plethora of cocktails on their Instagram feed. They share their rainbow collection of wacky and whimsical drinks with over 23k followers and have had the opportunity to work with a number of brands such as Dictador Italia & BolimePipi!



Mix.Mann Instagram 

Why we love Mix.Mann:’s is a UK based mixologist! Their Instagram feed is like a Tropical getaway, filled with fruity creations and pops of colour! Using white and black backgrounds on their feeds allow the bright and fun colours in their drinks to stand out. Their insane photography makes each drink seem like an art piece itself. 




Theweekendmixologist Instagram

Why we love Theweekendmixologist: His feed is a collection of beautifully perfected delicious looking cocktails. He focuses on classic cocktails but adds his own little twist, keeping things simple and elegant he doesn’t stir too far from the classics. His incredible drinks documented throughout his feed and we occasionally get to see the man behind the cocktails!



Onedrinkaday Instagram

Why we love Onedrinkaday: If your go-to order is a Gin and Tonic then this is the mixologist for you! Onedrinkaday has endless variations of colourful magical twists on the traditional G&T. Adding ingredients to the cocktails like coffee and blood orange to create beautiful cocktails that tickle the taste buds.



Theamateurmixologist Instagram

Why we love Theamateurmixologist: Matt’s mixology skills are anything but amateur! His wacky and creative combination of ingredients in his cocktails will have you thinking you’ve fallen into Wonderland. His simple but effective garnishes are nothing short of masterful and innovative and are one of the things that set him apart from other mixologists!













Tuxedono2 Instagram

Why we love Tuxedono2: If you believe less is more, Tuxedono2 has just the aesthetic for you. He keeps a clean and polished look without overdoing things and losing key details in his creations! His uncluttered and uncomplicated approach is also what makes him different from a lot of other mixologists on Instagram. 




Whiskyandrosemary Instagram

Why we love Whiskeyandrosemary: Whiskyandrosemary’s cocktails are absolutely beautiful, they introduce intriguing and unconventional ingredients like seaweed root, frozen spinach and chickpea water that have all their followers wanting more. One of their most recent creations, the Ice-Olated latte is a mix of matcha, coffee, whisky and eucalyptus cane syrup! 




Moodymixologist Instagram

Why we love Moodymixologist: Amy is the Queen of garnish when it comes to mixologists on instagram. Her drinks are full of grace but also extremely creative at the same time. She creates all of her cocktails from the comfort of her home bar, and manages to capture stunning photographs of all her creations!

image4-3 Instagram

Why we love Morten of The Cocktail Blog is another home-based bartender. He makes classy, colourful cocktails with hints of herbal and floral elements. Their aesthetic is perfect for a Spring day, or Summers day. His cocktails are like floral masterpieces and if put together his drinks would make the most fabulous bouquet.



Cocktail_journey Instagram

Why we love Cocktail_journey: Cocktail_journey is an Italian super creative mixologist based in London. His cocktails are extremely elegant. His feed is a splash of inspiration for many as he uses unconventional ingredients and presentations, while still managing to keep the classy elements in his drinks, to make sure he stands out from a lot of other mixologists on Instagram.



Stirandstrain Instagram

Why we love Stirandstrain: Cocktail maker and photographer Elena started her blog five years ago, documenting her perfect mixture of classy, whimsical, seasonal, classic, at home drinks creations. Packed with flavourful inspiration, her carefully-curated feed is well worth a follow.



Gardencocktails Instagram

Why we love Gardencocktails: Their bio is making ‘drinks w/ botanical things’ and we can definitely agree that all of their cocktails have a botanical element to them. Their drinks are floral art pieces that continue to wow their followers. All their cocktails contain at least one ingredient or garnish that has been grown in their balcony garden, what a dream.



Bostonmixdrink Instagram

Why we love Bostonmixdrink: Boston Mix Drink Instagram feed is a wonderful mixture of photographs of his bar, his cocktails, the industry and family life. He brings a fresh viewpoint to this industry and his drinks are captivating. We get a small insight into his family life which is quite endearing and different to a lot of other mixologists on Instagram.



Beautifulbooze Instagram

Why we love Beautifulbooze: She most definitely lives up to her username, her feed is full of the most stunning and mouthwateringly gorgeous cocktails and food pairings. As she also travels the world, Beautifulbooze will transform your Insta feed into a magical and endless journey of cocktail & travel inspiration. 


Wrapping it up

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