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November 01, 2020

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Behind the Feed: Interview with Ramona Jones

In this Behind the Feed interview, we speak to Ramona Jones, a lifestyle blogger from Somerset. 

Her blog and social channels provide her with the output to share whatever is on her mind. Her content ranges from food and recipes, photography, thoughts on mental health – all things lifestyle. 

You can keep up with her adventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We spoke about her content creation process as part of our Behind the Feed interview series where we get to know your favourite influencers better and ask the questions you really want to know.

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What’s your favourite piece of content you’ve created?

Whether that’s with a brand or just a photo you’ve taken and what about it is special to you?

My favourite campaign was with GWR, the brand gave us flexibility about where and how we could spend our day out, and they gave us a bit of spending money too, so it felt like the content was very authentic as there was a lot of free choice behind it. We created one post featuring the brand, and another featuring the day out, so there was a great balance between product placement and creativity. It was great fun to be a part of and a lot of fun just having a day out in Bath!


Is there a dream brand you’d love to collaborate with? Why?

I would love to work with eBay or Depop because I buy a lot of my vintage dresses through them, and that’s one of the questions I am most frequently asked on Instagram! So I feel like it would be content my audience would value.


Three influencers that inspire you/ you love and why?

Paula of @hillhousevintage. She has such a wonderful aesthetic and her photos always bring me joy. You can see she has a background in magazines through her talents in styling and attention to detail. Everything looks effortless and happy, even though as an influencer you know she works extremely hard.

Kenzie of @kenziebrenna. She is so refreshingly real and honest, she encourages boundaries, acceptance, joy and learning. She has a skill for gently calling people in without judgement. I adore her.

Allison of @obrienandolive. She has such a great eye for beauty and all things cottagecore. I absolutely love her aesthetic – beautiful floaty dresses, flowers, sunsets, desserts, couple photos. She captures life’s beautiful moments.


Weirdest request you’ve had from a brand?

I don’t think there’s been anything too weird. I once worked with a well known brand who did a huge u-turn in their campaign – there were a lot of influencers involved, we were briefed, sent the product, shot our photos and had them approved, and then they removed the campaign very last minute but still had to compensate everyone for their content. No one knew why they decided not to go ahead, but it was a shame it didn’t go to plan for them.


You’re in an alternate universe, what would you be doing job wise?

I’d always be happy doing something creative! As a child I wanted to be a game designer but it was never something I had the chance to explore. I’d like to think if I had that time again my parents would help me onto the right track to try it!

That’s a wrap

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