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June 28, 2020


Inspiring interior design Instagram influencers

A house becomes a home once one is perfectly comfortable living in it. That’s why they say our houses reflect our personality and we, as consumers, always look for the best ways to express ourselves. If you are looking for inspiration for a makeover or have a brand that  helps consumers portray their personalities into their homes, you will love the following list of interior design influencers on Instagram.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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Followers: 234K

Why we love Kate: Kate’s Instagram is the perfect example is wonderful and often features other creators on her feed. This enables smaller creators to generate additional exposure on the platform. She’s won a number of awards such as Vogue’s top 10 interiors accounts, Stella’s top 50 women as well as Vuelio’s top UK interiors. She also has a podcast where she shares insights from the industry.

Carole King



Followers: 6,867 followers

Why we love Carole: Carole’s captions provide insights on what she loves in a house and her opinion on different trends. She is a great influencer to consider if you’re looking to try new things and be inspired by a range of different style concepts. Carole’s Instagram gives you an insight into her interior style, however, you can dig deeper on her blog too.


Jen Stanbrook



Followers: 11.2K

Why we love Jen: Jen doesn’t just have an incredible Instagram feed and home but she’s a Pinterest marketing strategist too. Her Pinterest board and Love Chic Living blog will provide you with home decor tips and step-by-step guides to improve your home too. Jen’s supportive captions offers her followers plenty of advice on the latest products to consider.  

Sophie Robinson



Followers: 131K

Why we love Sophie: Sophie’s Instagram feed is the whole package. She has a wonderful podcast “The Great Indoors” where she often features special guests. She also offers online courses and shares her love for wallpapers on her feed. Her interior design details are everything and you can even experience it yourself by staying in her colourful Airbnb in Brighton. 


Lucy & Dan



Followers: 38.4K

Why we love Lucy & Dan: After a two-year restoration, Lucy and Dan finally completed their dream home. They shared every step on their Instagram feed with their followers. Their account is the perfect inspiration to get your renovation started and also doubles as a beautiful shoot location for advertising campaigns, filming and editorial shoots.

Katie Woods



Followers: 193K

Why we love Katie: Every photo Katie shares provides a little insight into her life. Not only does she post her wonderful interior design work, but her dog also models from time to time, too. She is a funny and creative interior Instagram creator who provides relatable content on remote working as a mum. 

The Allens



Followers: 23K

Why we love the Allens: If you scroll through the Allens’ Instagram and look back to their first picture, you will not believe it’s the same house. They’ve been on an incredible journey and use their account to share the innovative DIY and home renovation tips they learn along the way. 

Lydia & Ali



Followers: 251K

Why we love Lydia & Ali: The blogger and Youtuber, Lydia Millen started her Instagram account to share her love for the house she shares with her husband, Ali. Her moden country home set in a secluded area neat Buckinghamshire is the envy of many. The couple use their Instagram account to share their luxury interior styles as well as their incredible garden. Although their home is luxurious, they keep their feed real, showing the reality of renovating a home including sharing the mistakes made along the way. 


Gloria González



Followers: 62.3K

Why we love Gloria: Gloria is passionate about patterns and craftsmanship. She loves a good blend of cultures often mixing English and Spanish interior styles. Her love for colour creates a feed that’s both warming, pleasing to the eye as well as inspiring for others.


Susan Deliss



Followers: 21.4K

Why we love Susan: Susan is a textiles designer as well as a house & garden decorator. Her feed is a mixture of her work as a Notting Hill Textile designer for the many clients she works for. The eclectic mix of houses on her feed offers a wide variety of ideas to take inspiration from. If you find something catches your eye, you can  buy her gorgeous fabrics on her website. 


Wrapping it up

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