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March 25, 2018


Instagram Business Accounts – Worth The Switch?

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While ZINE has only been available to brands in the last few months we are actually seasoned veterans in the influencer marketing community. We are committed to helping the industry evolve which is why you will hear us talk about transparency between influencers and brands, and exactly why we created the ZINE media kit for influencers


The ZINE influencer media kit is free for influencers and acts as a digital CV when collaborating with brands (both on and off the platform). As such this guide will help you navigate the ZINE media kit when you see one!

How does the media kit work?

Influencers can sign up for a media kit free of charge connecting all the channels they are active across. The media kit then automatically updates with follower numbers, engagement rates and audience demographics – broken down per social media channel. You can also see audience growth levels over time.

Which channels can influencers connect?

The ZINE media kit connects to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs and Google Analytics), and we are currently working on that Snapchat integration 🙂

What follower demographics will I see?

This varies between channel, however at the minimum you will get the average age of the influencers following, gender split and top cities. Brands that use the ZINE platform also get access to advanced demographics like top audience likes, top brands, audience income levels, most influential followers and audience forensics.

Does the media kit show past work?

The ZINE media kit shows both featured collaborations (work that the influencer has included manually) and previous associations (automatically tagged when the influencer tags a brand, or the brand tags them). Influencers can also add press mentions. These features combined give you a really good understanding of the types of brands influencers associate with for both paid and organic posts.

Anything else?

Yes. The media kits are designed help influencers pitch themselves and as a time saving measure for brands using the platform to find the right influencers, we thought it would be handy for influencers to add both the types of collaborations they accept and rate card prices.

Do I have to use ZINE to view the media kits?

We are are passionate about education in the industry which is why the ZINE media kit is free for influencers who can share it with whomever they like. However, brands who have joined ZINE benefit from:

  • Advanced demographic data
  • Previous brand associations
  • Unrestricted access to 35 thousand high quality influencers
  • Full campaign management through the platform
  • Life post tracking and automatic PDF campaign reports

Can I get ZINE data for my influencer database?

You can indeed. If your brand / agency has an influencer database, we can help you to build a proprietary network. That means in addition to having access to our 35k influencers, we can overlay some of our data on your influencers automatically. We will then work with you to ensure your influencer database connect their social media accounts so you can benefit from the advanced data and intuitive search.

ZINE offers fully customizable solutions for brands and agencies. Our powerful technology gives you the most audience insights across different social media channels, so you can create highly targeted campaigns at scale. To see ZINE in action arrange a demo today.



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