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March 22, 2019

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ZINE’s Top 5 Vegan Beauty Brands

Vegan makeup is set to be the biggest beauty trend in 2019 and is estimated to be a $20.8 billion business* by 2025. With not only animal testing being a huge issue in the beauty industry, there are also concerns around the ingredients used, including lipsticks containing crushed beetles and mascaras coming with a side of fish scales. Luckily with all the advances in the industry,  we have so many more options for vegan & cruelty free beauty.

We took a look at beauty brands that our database of over 55,000 influencers tag and interact with and created our top 5 that are cruelty free and or vegan which you’ll definitely love! 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Elf Cosmetics

Instagram Handle: @elfcosmetics

Followers: 4.3m

Why we love e.l.f. cosmetics: One of the fastest growing beauty brands in the USA, elf took the beauty world by storm by offering professional makeup at an affordable price point. That – paired with their commitment to being 100% vegan and cruelty free has had an astounding response from our influencers with 4.9k mentioning them on their Instagram. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Awake Organics

Instagram Handle: @awakeorganics

Followers: 2.2k

Why we love Awake Organics: This family run business focuses on more than just products, it’s a wellness platform and a community with groups across social media. Melissa and her family have built strong relationships with farmers and their suppliers and are constantly trying to improve their sustainable pledge. They are also launching a closed-loop packaging return incentive which enables customers to return their recyclable glass jars to earn discounts. Last year they switched to renewable energy and saved 5,644 kg of CO2 which is the equivalent of 2,822 trees! A truly inspirational brand that we love to support. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Revolution Makeup

Instagram Handle: @makeuprevolution

Followers: 1.7 million

Why we love Revolution: One of the big beauty brands of today Revolution also now offer a skincare range. The majority of their products are vegan but all are cruelty free. Winning an award at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in 2018 for their Conceal & Define concealer which was crowned the best dupe for Tarte Shape Tape by beauty guru’s all over the world. The vast range of products mixed with the high quality and pigments, we couldn’t not include Revolution and 6.5k of our influencers agree, tagging by tagging them on Instagram.





ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Truly Organic

Instagram Handle: @trulyorganic

Followers: 114k

Why we love Truly Organic: A brand which is ahead of the curve when it comes to packaging and their environmental impact. Using only vegan products from all over the world where co-founder Chloe and her CEO fiance Maxx have travelled to and fallen in love with. Truly Organic is truly unique, Instagramable and cruelty free… what more could we ask for? 




 ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | NCLA Beauty

Instagram Handle: @nclabeauty

Followers: 184k

Why we love NCLA Beauty: LA based beauty brand aim to bottle up a little bit of LA in every product whilst keeping to being 100% Vegan. It’s no surprise they have gained so many celebrity fans including, Sophia Richie, Paris Hilton and Nicki Minaj. 







Lucy Barker

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