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November 25, 2016


How To Make the Most of your ZINE Media Kit

All of you who were smart enough to create a Media Kit with ZINE; this blog post is for you! Creating your media kit was the right first move towards receiving brand collaboration opportunities. But it shouldn’t end there. To get the most out of your Media Kits put the three P’s into practice; Presentation, Proactivity and Project Proposals.ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Zine media kit (b)


First thing’s  first Just like soldiers polish their boots to be on parade; you must make sure the presentation of your ZINE Media Kit shines. By having a completed profile you’re more likely to be considered for collaborations with our partners in our network #fact. Completing your Media Kit fully,  makes a great impression on brands.

Brands prefer to work with dedicated and hard-working influencers. Putting the effort to prepare a proper profile for your press kit predicts that you’ll probably put just as much effort into your collaborations.

Add as much information as possible, your location and price expectations are a must, because brands want to know if you surpass or fit their budget before they reach out to you.

If you’re a blogger you should know that your blog is an important part of your personal brand. If you want to be considered for sponsored blog posts, connecting your blog alongside your Google Analytics is crucial. Brands need to know that your audience fits their target market, they can only get an insight into who constitutes your audience, with your statistics provided from your Google Analytics.

Try your very best, to make your Media Kit distinctive. Whether you choose to change the background colour of your media kit, change the order of your cards starting with the social media card with your highest reach to least, or whether it involves creating a whole story around your media kit with your “about” section; make yours stand out from the crowd. Your goal is for brands to form an overall idea about who you are, what you do and what’s your style at a glance. So help them out, make sure the structure flows, your background colour and picture reflect you. Find tips on how to make your media kit stand out here.


Once you’ve fully completed your media kit and is looking its very best, spread the word. With ZINE you have the option to create a link to your Media Kit. Send it to whoever you like, whether it’s to PR agencies, or brands you’ve dreamed of collaborating with. Your media kit shouldn’t just sit there. Yes, we do have brands on our platform looking at your Media Kits but you shouldn’t rely solely on them. Brands and PR agencies are able to view your Media Kit even if they aren’t on our network, so what are you waiting for?

Project Proposal:

Direct brands to your Media Kit by adding your link  in an email. Do your research on the brand figure out their do’s and don’ts, their style and what they like to do with their collaborations. Create a story connecting your media kit, their brand and come up with suggestions for how you could collaborate and what you have to offer. Read more on how to approach brands here

Influencer marketing is all the rage at the moment and brands are struggling to find the right influencers. Going that extra mile, putting yourself out there and making yourself noticeable will put you way ahead of the rest.