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November 08, 2018


Top 10 Tips For Making Money With Your Blogger Media Kit

So, I’m guessing that you started off blogging as a bit of a hobby, amassed a loyal and engaged following and now you want to step things up a level or two and see how you can make more money out of your blog…

Having the ability to write amazing posts that capture your audience is a great skill, but these days you need to do more if your aim is to win the big collaborations. You’ll also need to be able to present yourself to brands in a way that resonates, and shows your versatility.

The good news is, your ZINE blogger media kit was the first step. Now that you have a digital CV that showcases your best content alongside the numbers that brands want to see, previous collaborations and press mentions you can start using your media kit to make money!

Here are my top 10 tips for making some extra dollar with your blogger media kit:

1. Do Your Research

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | How to make money with your blogger media kitSpend time creating a shortlist of the kind of brands you want to work with. You should jot down the contact details of the person responsible for Marketing / PR / Influencers rather than an ‘info@’ email. And have an idea as to what they are trying to achieve as a brand, along with how you can help them reach your goals.


2. Slide Into Their DM’s

If you can’t get through to the right person by email – head straight to Instagram and send your digital media kit link via direct message. Your message will get through to the person who directly manages social media, and your media kit will make you stand out further than just text. (Psst. don’t forget to shorten your media kit link with Bitly)


3. Be More Than A Blogger

Being a blogger is great, but having other social channels that support your blog content will give added value to your collaborations. So make sure you’ve also connected and displayed your Instagram / YouTube / Facebook / Twitter accounts on your media kit for extra kudos.


4. Know How Your Can Help Each Brand

Your ZINE media kit will show you the type of people who subscribe to your blog, and your Audience Insights will show you this information for Instagram. If your audience is a good match for their customer / target you know you’ll be super valuable for them – especially if you have a excellent engagement.

Learn how  to connect your Google Analytics to your blogger media kit 


5. Get Yourself Out There

I mean this both digitally and literally. The key to success is building a good network of other bloggers, PRs and brands. Be selective about the events you attend, and make sure you have your blogger media kit link to hand to show / send to people as you meet them.

 ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | How to make money with your blogger media kit


6. Get Extra Visibility

Most publishers have a media pack downloadable on their websites. You are also a publisher, so having a section of your website where you include your media kit link is a no brainer. It means that PR’s and brands coming to your site will be able to instantly see your best assets and level of professionalism.

Learn how to embed your blogger media kit on your blog


7. Showcase Your Best Work

Your featured collaborations are important as they will show brands the level of content they can expect through collaborating with you. Even if your primary channel is your blog, make sure you add in any Instagram work too – as a lot of brands will want your Insta-feed to underpin the written content.


8. Show Off!

Been featured in a glossy magazine or on another blog? Make sure you keep adding and updating your press mentions. Sometimes it’s ok to show off!


9. Tell Brands What You’re Worth

While most things are usually up for negotiation, giving brands a rough guide of how much you charge per collaboration can save you time, especially if they have little or no budget for your work.

Want to know how much to charge for a sponsored post?


10. Customise

Don’t forget that your blogger media kit is fully customisable – so make yourself stand out! With your blogger media kit you can change the colour, order the platform summaries appear in and profile and cover imagery!




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