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October 18, 2018


Killer Influencer Media Kit Template

Most professional bloggers and influencers will have a media kit. Influencer media kits are important to both help you win new business by showcasing your best assets, in addition to helping you grow your following by understanding who your audience is and how they are responding to your content. Your media kit is ultimately an essential tool when pitching yourself to brands and agencies.


What To Include In An Influencer Media Kit

The world of influencer marketing is coming under more and more scrutiny, and brands collaborating with influencers are under pressure to show they are making the right choices. Presenting those brands with your media kit will display your previous work and your growth and engagement. A basic influencer media kit template should factor in:  

  • Name & handle(s)
  • Bio / about me section
  • Contact info – don’t forget your agent too
  • Graphics – showcase some of your latest content, and link through to pages where it is hosted.
  • Growth & engagement stats – remember this will need to be broken down per channel you are active across
  • Previous work – Brands often need to see up to the last 6 months worth of collaborations / content
  • Rate card prices

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Media Kit Template

Influencer media kit templates are great as they give you some structure and ensure you don’t miss out any key information. However, updating a media kit template manually can be a bit of a full time job given that your content and stats will change daily. That’s why ZINE’s influencer media kit template is fully digital, therefore automatically updates your stats and your content – linking through to the active pages of your social media channels.

Rather than having to copy and paste content, and have the calculator at hand to top up your engagement rate and growth figures, influencers who use ZINE’s influencer media kit template simply  connect their social media channels, add their bio’s, rates and contact details then personalise their kit which will be always fresh and up to date.


Creating your Media Kit

Creating your ZINE media kit is super simple. You just need to:

  • Connect your social media channels
  • Fill in a quick bio
  • Add your contact details – be sure to include your agent if you have one!
  • Et Voila! No further action needed

Beyond that, you can send your media kit via a private link to whoever you like – it will always be up to date.

What’s more, as you will be included in the ZINE influencer database, you are likely to also receive collaboration requests from brands who want to work with you!


ZINE Influencer Media Kit Examples:

Here are three examples of the ZINE influencer media kit template in action. Daniel, Ebony and Siham are able to share their media kits as digital links to whomever they like.





Creating your free digital media kit with ZINE is super simple. It will also unlock a new world of analytics, and potential collaborations with brands who use the platform to find influencers. To get your free media kit, click on the link below:


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