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October 04, 2018

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How To Get Verified By Instagram

Who knew that a little blue tick could hold so much power. That exclusive little badge on Instagram that represents, trust, authenticity, and popularity, setting you apart as a prominent public figure was always out of reach for so many of us. 

It even took influencer, Casper Lee forever to get verified by Instagram. With memes accumulating such as “Waiting for Casper Lee to get verified is like waiting for Leonardo to win an Oscar”… But now that Leo has his Oscar and Casper has his blue tick all is good in the world. So Good in fact, that as of recently, anyone can request Instagram verification, and it’s pretty simple too.


How To Get Verified


1. Go to your profile -Navigate to settings 

If you own an Iphone, click on the three lines in the top right corner, and select settings at the bottom of your screen. 

 instagram verification

2. Verification 

Under the “account” menu click on “request verification”


3. Apply 

You’ll be requested to type in your username and full name. You’ll also have to upload a photo ID, issued by the government. These can include documents such as passport, drivers license or alternatively you can use an official business document, like a recent utility bill. 

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4. Wait…

It’s all just a waiting game now… Instagram will review your request. You’ll be alerted with a notification in the notifications tab. 


Why would you want to be verified on Instagram as an influencer 

In spite of all the benefits you get with having a blue badge next to your name, the greatest one of all is that it instills trust among your followers and shows new audiences that you’re the real deal. 

Given that you’ve built your following to quite an impressive number, and you’ve engaged with your existing following enough for them to trust you and stay loyal. Fraudsters would not hesitate to jump on your bandwagon and imitate you, scary as it is it’s quite simple to do. 

With so much forgery going on in the land of social media, the blue badge acts as a token of reassurance, quickly eliminating any other impersonators. 


Will you get verified?

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to receive the all important blue badge, but in doing so it loses its’ value. That’s why it’s important to remember that just because you request verification, doesn’t mean you’ll get it. The purpose of the verification is still to let users know that the account they are following is of a notable public figure. Instagram also emphasise that they’ll focus on accounts with larger followings.

If you don’t get verified by Instagram don’t fret. Focus on growing your following and engaging with your audience.  


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 Joanna-1Joanna Karamanis

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