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June 29, 2017


Get Creative: 5 Collaboration Ideas for Brands and Bloggers on Instagram

Collaborating with brands requires constant creativity, but like most influencers out there, there are times when you might experience a creative “block” when really you want to be experiencing that creative “flow”.

So to get your creative juices flowing, we present you with some of the most common, inventive and effective ways influencers choose to show off a brand’s products. Successfully persuading instagram scrollers into stopping to make a purchase, with their sponsored Instagram posts.


Flat lay posts

Perfectly folded clothes, freshly brewed mugs of coffee, flawless flowers, and sparkly accessories sounds like a typical Instagram picture, and that’s because it is! Pictures of products, perfectly placed and taken at birds eye view, are aesthetically pleasing, easy to create and work with almost anything. Put a little effort into them, go beyond the typical, products on marble flat lay, and choose more interesting lay outs to differentiate yourself. You could share a whole #ootd with the pieces from a brand you’ve put together to create an outfit,  or even beauty products, makeup, food and stationary.



Show it off

An obvious ad. Followers are directly exposed to the product and know exactly what is being promoted. If embedded naturally in the influencer’s feed it shouldn’t come across as too full on, rather as a product the influencer likes and wants to share.

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Take it around the world

What better way to flaunt a product than in a stunning location, with a scenic backdrop. It’s much more pleasing to the eye, than any typical setting. Followers want a piece of something they can’t be, they live vicariously through the products and services that celebrities and influencers are tied to. So if Instagram users aren’t able to follow in the bloggers footsteps and afford the luxurious holiday, they are encouraged to buy into their lifestyle by purchasing the product which is much more affordable.



Take it to the street

Instagram users look to bloggers for inspiration, especially in their daily wear. When bloggers flaunt a brand in their own unique street style look, and is embedded naturally in their feed, it turns into one of the easiest and most effective ways to collaborate with bloggers and convert instgram scrollers  to customers.


Wherever the #hashtag takes them

Calvin Klein, executed this one extremely well.  With the help of some influencers, and the use of #MyCalvins capturing the worlds attention, the hashtag is now nearing 500,000 posts. Their digital campaign involved Instagram influencers and some big name celebrities showing off wearing Calvin Klein apparel with the campaign line –  I _____ in #MyCalvins. Instagram users were quick to get involved and didn’t hesitate to follow. Such hashtags work as it gives Instagram users greater exposure and a chance to share something with the influencers they follow and admire on a daily basis.