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January 15, 2018


How to Make A Media Kit That Will Earn You Millions!

A professional media kit is essential for influencers when reaching out to brands for collaboration opportunities. First impressions count!

“Why do I need a media kit?”

An influencer media kit is essential if you want to make a profitable business out of being a social media influencer. You should view your media kit as your portfolio or CV as it showcases your most valuable asset – your influence. Brands will use it to determine whether they will collaborate with you on campaigns and how much they believe you are worth!


“What do I do with my media kit?”

When you have created the perfect influencer media kit you’ll be able to share it with brands who want to collaborate with you. A good media kit will present your vital statistics to brands in a way that easily demonstrates your prowess, which will help when it comes to negotiating how much you should charge for your sponsored posts.


“So… what should I include in my digital media kit?”

Well… here is a media kit checklist that explains everything you need to include in an influencer media kit that will make you money!


1. Bio

Your bio should be a quick snappy summary of who you are and what you do. A great example is “Le Fashion Fetish” a.k.a. Anna Shearer.


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2. Social Media Channels

You should include all the social media channels you are active across including your blog so brands and agencies can see everything you have to offer.


3. Follower Numbers

Brands and agencies will want to have up to date follower numbers on each of the channels they want to collaborate with you on. Don’t be worried if your follower numbers aren’t in the tens of thousands. Depending on the campaign, budget and goals, brands will choose anything from micro influencers with 2000+ followers, through to social celebrities à la the Kardashians.


4. Engagement rate

Likewise, they will want to know how well your content resonates with your audience. A good indication of this is your engagement rate. Your average engagement rate is how often (on average) your followers engage with your content i.e. like, comment, share. ZINE’s digital media kits will calculate your engagement rate for you, always keeping it up to date. To understand a bit more about engagement rates see our guide.


5. Past Collaborations

Showcasing your past collaborations is a great way to show what great work you have done with other brands. It shows brands and agencies who you haven’t yet collaborated with, how well you have worked in the past, so makes it more likely that they give you greater creative freedom.


6. Price List

Being clear from the start as to what payment terms you expect and how much – saves both your time and the brands time. Of course this isn’t something that is set in stone, but provides a great starting point for negotiations, and demonstrates that they are will be with an experienced  professional. Not sure what to charge for a sponsored post?


Amazing right? Bet you’re wondering where you can get one from?


You can pay through the nose for a designed media kit PDF, which will go out of date in a nano-second as your follower numbers of on the rise whoop whoop!!


Or… you can sign up for a free digital media kit from ZINE. ZINE Influencer Media kits contain all the checklist points. Its fully customizable and will automatically update with all of your follower numbers and engagement rates. When your media kit is complete you can send it to brands and agencies by a private link whenever you like. Our digital media kits are trusted and loved by brands.


Get your free media kit here.

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