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July 29, 2016

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Get Creative: 5 collaboration ideas for fashion brands and Bloggers

Insofar as marketing is concerned, it’s no secret that Social media influencers have a higher success rate than celebrities who, if not stale, are certainly past their sell by date!

As all brands are probably well aware of by now, bloggers, by genuinely connecting with their followers, are better able to tap into brands’ potential buyers. But brands “reaching out” to a blogger, asking them to post a pretty picture just doesn’t cut it anymore.

A typical post of the brand’s clothing, laid out neatly on a bed sheet, taken at bird’s eye view is good but it’s not great!

Admittedly, it’s simple and easy for both the brand and the blogger but it lacks creativity and originality.  Everyone’s doing it; it’s become so common and normal, that it doesn’t even sway the bloggers’ follower consumer decisions anymore. Quite frankly audiences are fed up of constantly seeing the same nice-looking images which don’t inspire them.

But don’t fret, Zine has five great ideas to inspire your fashion brand-blogger collaboration which should in turn inspire your target audiences.


Five Days – Five Looks – One girl

Sounds familiar?

That’s because the idea comes from vogue’s very popular, and successful feature. An article which follows a stylish “it” girl over the course of five days, giving readers style tips and outfit inspiration, through various scenarios in her week.

As a brand you could recreate this with the blogger you choose to collaborate with. It’s a great way to show how your brand is suitable for any occasion.

You’ll be able to show a variety of your brand’s products, so the audience can pick and choose which items they like.

You’ll definitely be a go-to for fashion inspiration every day of the week, as the blogger sports different looks from your collection.

This is a much more enjoyable collaboration, for both you as a brand and the blogger. You’re providing them with content, and a creative freedom they’re looking for, which speaks directly to their audience, who will rush to mimic the looks they liked!


How I Wear It: One Girl- One Item- Five Ways

Sticking to the five theme, ask your blogger to wear one of your items from your line in five different ways. Forcing them to be creative and imaginative, appealing to every single one of their followers.

You’ll be able to show how versatile your new product is and how it can suit anyone, however and wherever they decide to wear it!


How She Wears It:  Five Girls- One Look

It may be challenging to find one blogger, to agree to five posts. So why not reach out to five different bloggers, connecting with a greater (yet similar) audience!

Collaborate with five fashion bloggers, with whom you share a target audience. Each will give their own unique twist, creating completely distinctive looks with your brand, showcasing your brand through different styles.

This will work particularly well if you have a new product in your fashion line to promote. All bloggers can wear exactly the same product by styling it in their own way. This way tapping directly into different (but the same) audiences.

Top tip: Post the images on your social media to inspire your following too.


Creative Input in your Space

This one will take a little more effort but it’s worth it!

Invite a blogger or bloggers to your offices so they can give their input on the design process. Ask them to design their own t-shirt, choose a colour for a bracelet, or even put an outfit together! Take pictures and post them on both yours and the blogger’s social media.

This idea is best for promoting your brand as a whole, rather than a specific product. Selling the brand culture, giving a behind the scenes insight into what the brand values.

Having a blogger proactively present, during the design process, shows that they appreciate and accept the brand. Audiences who look up to the influencers, are likely to purchase any chosen product from your brand, knowing that their favourite blogger may have had some sort of input with the design.


Get Seasonal- Naturally Embracing your Products

In with the flow of the calendar of natural events, we’re talking special events and seasonal holidays, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s Eve, going back to school. Find a blogger who speaks to your audience and would typically post during those events. Together, come up with outfits which are perfect for each specific event.

Collaborating with influencers who typically post on specific events, and who have the special occasions in mind, will come across much more natural and genuine. Your brand will fit impeccably with their content.






Joanna Karamanis

I’m head of Content at ZINE, where I use my expertise in fashion consumer psychology to empower brands and influencers in their marketing campaigns. I love to travel, bake as well as shopping online.