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April 21, 2017


Do You Qualify To Be On ZINE?

At ZINE we have our own unique approach where Quality triumphs over Quantity. Because we want to guarantee that our clients are exposed and have access to the best influencers out there, who can ideally convert their own followers into customers. That’s why after you sign up, we do a quality check.

When you sign up with ZINE you agree to potentially being part of the Influencer Catalogue. However creating a Media Kit with ZINE does not guarantee that you will be a part of any of ZINE’s other features.



How the ZINE process works:



1. Sign up

When you sign up you are required to add a little information about yourself, connect your social media handles and blog. If you wish, you could also add any previous collaborations you might have done, any press coverage you may have received and your price-list. You could also choose to change the background colour, profile and background images, to make your Media Kit stand out.




2. Media Kit

You are left with a pretty, professional and up-to-date Media kit, which will be under constant review on the ZINE database. You can share it with and send to whoever you want including brands and PR agencies. Just scroll down right to the bottom and select “Create Link to Media Kit”



3.  Quality Check

This stage determines whether you’ll be in or out of the  ZINE Influencer Catalogue.

The ZINE influencer Catalogue is what our clients use to filter through and find their ideal influencers to promote their products. So we are quite specific about who we present to them.

How we evaluate your profile and decide whether you’re eligible:



 Media Kit

  •  We take a look at the overall look of your Media Kit and favour more complete ones. Fully completed profiles predict that you’ll probably put in just as much effort into your collaborations.



  • Quality- Influencers content must be of high-quality and in prime condition, featuring, appealing pictures which are clear, rich, vibrant and well thought out. Your content mustn’t look false or forced within your feeds. Feeds with images which are obvious product placements, taken in random settings which do not fit the influencer’s style are a definite no-no.


  • Consistency- We like to make sure that there is some form of consistency within your content. This means that pictures are coherent and relatable between them. Whether this means that there is a specific theme running through the feed, a filter that is constantly used, a particular way in which the images are cropped, or a precise angle at which they are taken. We also like influencers who post consistently and on a regular basis.


  • Style- We consider whether or not your style fits well with the style of any of the brands we have on our platform, or is likely to match the style of any of the brands we will be on boarding.



  • Influence- You need to have a substantial reach on at least one of your social media handles to qualify for the Influencer Catalogue.
  • Engagement- We want to include Influencers with a good enough engagement rate. Zine uses engagement rates to filter out influencers whose followers are not genuinely dedicated whether because they are fake, bought, or just not interested. Engagement rate is also a good predictor of sales. You can take a look at what your engagement rate means and how we calculate it here.



If you pass the quality check, it means that the quality of your profile is deserving, your influence is high and your engagement is satisfactory.


4. Exposure with the ZINE Influencer Catalogue

Once you are in the catalogue, your profile, is exposed and visible to hundreds of brands on the platform who are looking for potential influencers to collaborate with.

We keep on top of all sign ups and know exactly what brands and influencers we have on ZINE. Even though you may not appear in our influencer catalogue, you are still in our extensive database. So if by any means we on board a brand, that matches your style and is looking for an influencer just like you, we would share your media kit with them.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about our other services, features and tools you can contact us at