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December 13, 2018

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Tamanna Beauty | ZINE Influencer Interview Series

For this month’s instalment of our Interview Series, we spoke to Tamanna from Tamanna Beauty who curates stunning makeup looks, featuring a good mix of skincare and beautifully displayed beauty products on her feed. She has already worked with a number beauty and cosmetics brands who are leveraging her strong, UK, female 18-24 audience for their reach. Tamanna is definitely one to watch in the industry. Today we discuss brand relationships, fake followers and the challenges of being an Islamic beauty blogger. 


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Tamanna BeautyPlease could you start by telling us how you started out as an influencer and why did you choose beauty? 

While at uni I started a side hustle with some friends selling vintage on the side. We came up with fictitious tales behind each garment, saying where ‘Betty’ went and who she was with etc. We started a blog to document the stories and gush about vintage. After shutting up shop once leaving uni, I took it over on my own so I would keep in the habit of writing after starting a job in retail. The rest, as they say, is history!
As I created more looks and showcased client pictures, I started to gain more followers. More than anything, I realised that a lot of my followers were asking me about what makeup products I would recommend, so rather than stick to having my Instagram handle as TamannaMUA, I changed it to TamannaBeauty – to encompass all areas of beauty, whether it be showing makeup looks or reviewing beauty products. I loved sharing my tips and tricks and my clients always loved hearing me share my thoughts. So I guess my work as a freelance makeup artist sparked my desire to be an influencer!

What is most important to you when pursuing brand partnerships?

Integrity is a key factor in my life so I look out for the same in brands; it’s important to be behind a brand that represents good values and overall compassion for its consumers. Brands like Beauty Bakerie, Makeup Geek and Illamasqua hold some of the best levels of customer service I’ve witnessed. They remain unchanged in their morals and consistent in their honesty.


Which key metrics do you think brands should focus on when sourcing influencers for campaigns?

I definitely love the concept of having Media Kits for sourcing out influencers – it not only gives the influencer a platform to unite all their social media platforms in one, but it also allows brands to see at a first glance the key statistics they’re interested in.

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What has been your favourite collaboration so far and why did it work so well?

I’ve had quite a few favourites; however, one collaboration that felt like a true “pinch me” moment has to be with the recent Illamasqua’s Reign of Rock collection. Not only was I able to use and create looks using one of my all-time favourite brands, I was also given unique codes that allowed me to give my followers something back too – for this collab, it was a free Leatherette Pouch with any order!


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Tamanna Beauty EyeshadowDo you prefer one-off campaigns or developing a relationship with brands and working with them continuously?

Developing relationships with brands for sure! It’s amazing to know that brands I have used and loved for many years are able to notice and appreciate my content, so it’s even more vital that I’m able to continue to build a great relationship with them.

What is the biggest challenge you face as an influencer? 

I work full-time, and although I am pretty good at time management, there are times where I wish I had clones of me that could help manage my email correspondences, video editing, look creating and overall social media presence.


Do you feel as an Islamic blogger you have faced any additional challenges/stereotypes?

One of the biggest challenges for me is trying to represent myself and my religion without giving any wrong impressions to anyone, be it with individuals with the same or different religious beliefs to me. Having said that, the world is definitely embracing the beauty of Muslim/hijab wearing influencers (through modest clothing and Halal makeup i.e. without any animal products) and I’m super grateful for it.  


How have the opportunities presented to you in the industry opened up since you first began blogging? and where do you see them going in the next 10 years?  

Social media is not what it used to be when I first entered the blogging community – and I mean that in the best possible way. Jaclyn Hill, amongst other influencers, really paved the way forward for influencer and brand collaborations. It really showed big brands that they can rely on the voice of influencers to reach larger audiences.

As the years go forward, I feel like the technology in the industry will continue to evolve – Instagram’s action to create Business Pages, Snapchat’s movement to create Subscriptions and Twitter’s action to implement polls are all contributing factors to allow users of these services get more from their accounts. I just wish there was a way I could get my videos to edit themselves!

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What are your thoughts on influencers in the beauty industry being paid more to give negative reviews of their competitors?

This is such a huge no-no from me. Our followers/subscribers/readers rely on our voice so it’s sad that genuine thoughts and opinions can be easily bought. As I mentioned earlier, integrity is a fundamental aspect of who I am as a person. Remain true to yourself and that will be effective, quality over quantity any day.


In response to the issues around fake followers, businesses offering brands/influencers reports on authenticity/fake followers have started to surface. What are your views on these reports? Do you think they are always accurate?

As weird as it sounds, I really wish that Instagram and Twitter can do a sweep of “fake” or “ghost” followers more often. There is nothing more frustrating than realising that my follower count does not match with my engagement. I work hard to create my content so I like to know the correct number of followers I’m doing all this for!


In January we’ll be launching Verified Reach which will display real Instagram analytics for both reach & engagement across all media types (images, videos and stories) on the ZINE media kit. As a professional influencer do you think it will be helpful to present this information to brands?

Yes, yes and YES! Not only will the information be helpful to present to brands, but it will be equally as helpful to me. It’ll allow me to see what is lacking where, or what is doing better than I thought it would.

What are the best tools our there for influencers?

The best tool for influencers to connect with other brands, besides utilising Media Kits like the one ZINE provides, is to network amongst the community. As cliché as it may sound, the biggest tool an influencer has is ultimately their own voice. Speaking with other like-minded individuals not starts up a relationship between others, but it helps influencers get a feel of their niche.

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Tamanna BeautyWho are your favourite beauty brands and why?

I’ve got so many to choose from but off the top of my head: Sleek, Illamasqua, NARS, Stila Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury, Maybelline and Glamglow.

The products produced in these brands always feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. They’re the top brands I’ve often repurchased items from and I can’t seem to find anything that can replace certain items that these brands produce.


You’re trapped on a desert island and you’re only allowed to save 3 of your beauty products, what would they be?

I would definitely need my eyebrow product, which at the moment is the Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion. I’d also need my waterproof mascara, Maybelline’s Colossal Waterproof Mascara is a current favourite. And lastly, I reckon I’d need some sort of coloured lip balm to keep my lips hydrated – currently using the Clinique Chubby Stick in the shade Bountiful Blush.


This or That:

  • Makeup or Instagram?

    I’m so grateful for Instagram but makeup is the reason why I have become who I am in my profession so I’ll stick to makeup!

  • Summer or Winter?

    Definitely winter! Who needs setting spray when the cold wind sets your makeup in place all season long?

  • iPhone or Camera?

    As much as I love my cameras (I use the Canon 600D and Sony A5000), my iPhone is literally like an extra limb attached to me. It’s how I stay connected with my three F’s: family, friends and followers!

  • Mascara or Foundation?

    I would choose mascara, I focus a lot on people’s eyes when they speak with me. I know people say our eyebrows frame our face, but I believe our eyes are so emotive and express so much more.

  • High-street or High-end Makeup?

    I feel like this question is something that can never be right or wrong, however I really cannot decide! High-street and high-end products are always in my personal makeup kit and professional makeup kit. However if you were to ask me if I was to buy a limited edition item or a permanent item from a brand, I would say I tend to avoid limited edition as much as possible. The thought of loving something limited edition scares me… I’ll never be able to replace it!

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