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August 29, 2018


The Fashion Bloggers Guide To LFW

Christmas for fashion bloggers comes but twice a year – in the form of London Fashion Week. While up to the early noughties front row at fashion week was dominated by traditional fashion press, buyers and celebrities, fashion bloggers quickly earned their seats at this prestigious table, through their high quality coverage and overall influence.

Getting involved in London Fashion Week is really a must for all fashion bloggers / influencers regardless of size from the networking, to the amazing content you will able able to create during / after the shows. As such, here is our fashion bloggers guide to everything you need to know about London Fashion Week:

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When is London Fashion Week?

The LFW schedule starts on the 13th of September, with official shows and events running through to Tuesday 18th. You can see the full schedule here.

Where is London Fashion Week?

The BFC show space on the strand is the main venue. Other shows are held round the city, but you will need to check your tickets for full information.

How Do I Get To Go To  London Fashion Week?

In short – with a ticket. If you have a big following and are well regarded in the fashion space, chances are you will already have received a ticket from one of the brands, designers or shows press team.

However, if you are a smaller blogger / influencer wanting a ticket to attend shows, you will need to get accredited.

What Is LFW Blogger Accreditation?

This of this as a the first step to a press pass or media pass. To get accredited, The British Fashion Council need to verify that you have a decent following and your content is right.

The accreditation is reviewed on a seasonal basis, so even if you have been accredited previously you will still need to go through the same process. Which is to provide evidence of:


A minimum of 35k followers & fashion related content


A minimum of 80k subscribers, and av. 50k views per fashion related video


Over 15,000 monthly unique visitors – verified with Google Analytics

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Media Kit Sample

When applying for your accreditation to the LFW key contacts, why not go one step further and send a link to your ZINE influencer media kit? The numbers are updated daily, verified by each platform including Google Analytics, and will also show samples of your amazing content and your engagement rate across each channel.

Understanding Your Engagement Rate

Once accredited, you will then have the same access to facilities as accredited press and buyers.

Top 5 Tips For Attending London Fashion Week

  • Plan your schedule with military precision: If you are attending more than one show, make sure you know where and when they are all taking place in advance, how you will be getting from a to b, and how long the journey will take you. Always allow extra time to account for traffic / getting lost / bumping into a blogger friend.
  • Dress your best self: While you will need to carefully plan your outfit, making sure you are dressing the part – still be you. After all, you have been chosen to attend because of your style & curation.
  • Don’t lose power: Pack a good quality power bank that can carry more than one charge. You will be constantly on your phone, gramming, tweeting, snapping.
  • Network Your **** off! You will be rubbing shoulders with the crèm de la crèm of the fashion scene. 
  • Have an amazing experience. Fashion is your life and your passion, and even though it happens to be part of your job – enjoy the moment!

What If I Don’t Get LFW Accredited?

Due to the high volume of people that apply for London Fashion Week accreditation, not all bloggers / influencers will necessarily be lucky. However, The British Council will provide you with a load of resources and information on upcoming events like London Fashion Week Festival.

You will also be able to see the live streamed shows, and make great content and commentary – so all is not lost.


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