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September 05, 2018


Sheri Scott: Forever Yours Betty | ZINE Influencer Interview Series

For this month’s instalment of our Interview Series, we spoke to Sheri from Forever Yours Betty who is the owner of one of the most colourful influencer media kits in our portfolio. Describing herself as a multi-hyphenate when it comes to her profession and campaigning for charities, we knew this #GIRLBOSS would make for an eclectic interview. 

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sheri scottHow did you get into blogging, did it start just as a hobby?
Not exactly! While at uni I started a side hustle with some friends selling vintage on the side. We came up with fictitious tales behind each garment, saying where Betty went and who she was with etc. We started a blog to document the stories and gush about vintage. After shutting up shop once leaving uni, I took it over on my own so I would keep in the habit of writing after starting a job in retail. The rest, as they say, is history!

How did you grow your following?

I feel like there is no ‘big secret’ when it comes to growing you’re following. I hustled, went to opening of every envelope and basically had a localised approach to building an audience. I think there is something about being not from London that people find refreshing or more relatable. Put yourself out there as much as you can, effort never goes unnoticed.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start a blog, how to grow their following & break into the industry?

Just do it. I must get at least one email a day for people asking for advice on how to start, but really it’s just about starting. Yes, it’s daunting, yes, your website may be basic and yup, it’s gonna take a while to build an engaged audience, but the sooner you start the closer you’ll get to the goal. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, it’s like that old Chinese proverb –

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now

Is blogging now your full time job? If so, how did you make the transition? 
No, it’s not, but it’s apart of my daily routine for sure! I only started making money from the blog a few years ago so I use my PR experience to freelance.

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sheri scott 2How do you find juggling freelancing with blogging and do you think the PR experience has helped to grow your following?

The struggle is real! Juggling everything is probably the thing I stress most about. You have to try and keep the balance but since there’s no real routine it can be tough. I think it’s almost the opposite, being in the blogging world has in fact help me push my businesses! I work on a lot of one-off projects with brands based down south. After all, there’s only so much Google can tell a London based PR about new cool locations in Scotland or the upcoming influencers, so I am here to bridge that gap. As soon as I see brands taking notice of their Scottish client base, the blog is my in to show my understanding of the business.


Do you think your blog has given you the leverage to get freelancing jobs?

Oh 100% There are so many brands who have got in touch regarding a sponsored post or a collaboration that turn into full on retaining clients! I have a particular soft spot for supporting independent brands and created an affordable tap in tap out system for PR or Outreach support. On the flip side, having the blog as also helped me win clients I’ve pitched for as it gives me I guess an extra something on top of the services I offer.

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sheri in cafeDo you ever think you will go full time with your blog?

I don’t think I’d ever want to to be honest! I love the multi-hyphenate way of working. Every day is different and I get to fulfil not just one, but so many of my passions every day. It’s hard work but I wouldn’t change it for the world. (Did I mention I have a cafe?!).


That’s amazing to be able to make a career out of what you love! What are your favourite types of brands to collaborate with? 

ALL BRANDS! For me it’s about the brand match. I get put off bloggers myself when I see someone promoting a brand that doesn’t fit, so I always hold myself to the same standard.

How would you describe your style?

Colourful, cartoonish but classic!

What do you look for when putting a style together?

Colour! I usually start off with one item then build the outfit from there.

Who is your style icon?

Miranda Makeroff and Dolly Parton. Hands down! 

We’d have to agree, two very iconic women! Who are your favourite fashion bloggers to follow for inspiration and why?

I follow so many fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers it would be hard to choose! Of course Miranda @mirandamakeroff has to be one, although perhaps not considered a blogger. Amy @afashionnerd always has incredible style and recently I’ve been obsessed with the babe that is @hannahallinson. Others have to include @hannahlouisef, @chloeplumstead, @ch32 and of course my girl @honeypopkisses.

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sheri scott 3Obviously we’re guessing that orange is your favourite and trademark colour, what has been your most bold orange look?

Well, there’s been a few! Perhaps my Irn Bru look for the Scottish Style Awards a few years ago. It was a one off made by The Rodnik Band to commemorate the Scottish Referendum, but really, I think it should have been made for me!

Such a bold look and you looked fanatstic. Going back to work, how do you find most of your collaborations? 

I would say through Instagram, however my pet hate is trying to communicate through DM’s, it’s the easiest way to lose a convo and a potential collar!

What are your favourite tools on the market for influencers? 

I love ZINE! I made my profile up last year and use the link to send to all potential collaborators. I love that it gives a live reach and demographic update. 

What has been your biggest lesson so far and what has been your greatest achievement?

The biggest lesson is one I am still learning; forgetting about numbers and just doing you. It’s easy to second guess yourself but you have to remember, no matter what trends are happening in the world of blogging or Instagram, no one can do you like you. My biggest achievement probably has to be the feeling when I read a DM about making any sort of difference. I’ve had people come out to me, tell me about their struggles, their body hang ups, the battles with their mental health. At the end of the day I am just a colourful, Scottish weirdo, but having a little positive slice of the internet to call my own that I built? That feels incredible.

Which collaboration are you most proud of? Which brand was your favourite to work with?

I am proud of all my collaborations but recently I loved working with Menstruating brand SheThinks. Shooting while on my period then talking about it opening felt amazing. I love to take things people are normally scared of and push them into topics of discussion. The work that I have done with charities like Organ Donations, See Me Scotland and SAMH have been incredible for that too.

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sheri selfieWhich platform gives you the most leverage? 


Would you ever expand into the world of YouTube?

I think now with Instagram stories and IGTV I will leave YouTube to the professionals! Being on video is fun but I don’t enjoy the process of shooting, concept and editing the way I do with images. You never know though!

This or That:
  • Writing or Shooting Images? Shooting Images

  • Print Magazines or Blogs? Blogs

  • Instagram or Blog? Instagram

  • iPhone or Camera? iPhone

  • High street or Designer? High Street

  • Summer or Winter Fashion? Winter

  • Clashing Prints or Matching? BOTH

  • Heels or Flats? Heels


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