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June 12, 2019

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Jessica Megan | ZINE Influencer Interview Series

It’s health and fitness month here at ZINE and you’re in for a treat as we speak to Cosmopolitan health & well-being influencer award nominee, Jessica Megan. With outspoken views and the confidence to match, this blonde bombshell has it all going for her; it’s no wonder her Instagram account was listed as one fo the top to follow to make you feel good about your body. With nearly 140k followers on Instagram, Jessica is definitely one to watch, not bad for a girl who became an influencer by accident! 


Could you start by telling us how you started out as an influencer? Was it something you set out to do or did it happen naturally?

It happened completely by accident, which is how most of my life is. I try something and it free falls into something more, I started accumulating followers because of my outspoken views and because I get my pants out a lot. Probably due more to the latter, really.


ZINE Influencer Marketing | Jessica Megan Influencer Interview Series  (Health and Fitness)

What do you think the key to confidence is? 

Believe in yourself. We all worry about cellulite and having bad hair and not standing up for yourself at work. We worry we aren’t doing the right thing or going in the right directions. Even in the moments where you feel less than great, just know you can still do it.


You were listed as one of the top Instagram accounts to follow by Insider to make you feel good about your body in 2019. How do you inspire people to do so?

I truly believe the human body is the most incredible feat of biological science ever invented. The human brain is unbelievable. What our bodies can achieve is astonishing. Millions of years of evolution didn’t happen so we could tell ourselves how ugly we are, how disgusting our thighs are and how we hate our flat hair. It’s ridiculous, we’re so much more than the illusion of bodily perfection. I’m not going to let a system’s version of beauty make me feel ashamed.


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Jessica Megan Cosmo Awards

What is the biggest challenge you face as an influencer?

Everyone has an opinion. I am exposed to thousands of different opinions about who I am as a person every day, people constantly expect my time and attention where I am unable to give it. That’s especially hard when it’s women who need help loving their bodies. I want to help them all, but I have to take care of my own mental health too.


What is most important to you when pursuing brand partnerships? 

Mutual respect, an understanding of my image and what’s important to me. Don’t just message me because I have a lot of followers, research me and look through my posts.


Are there any collaborations you have turned down in the past? 

I can’t name names, but I will say that I have turned down a famous slimming shake brand, several waist training brands, brands that sell fur and mink lashes. I’ve also rejected lots of anti-ageing products, anti-cellulite creams etc. I don’t begrudge people who use these products, because the system is always telling us to use them. I do begrudge people who wear animals though. There are very few reasons in modern times to wear fur.


What has been your favourite collaboration so far and why did it work so well?

I loved working with Emulsion and Very UK, there are lots of others too! I loved Emulsion because they were my first natural skincare brand. Very UK were great because they flew us out to Ibiza to shoot the most incredible content to accompany Michelle Keegan’s new range. And also, they paid my fee and they paid on time! In this world, brands often pay late or try not to pay you at all. It’s mad, most businesses would never be expected to work for free, but influencers often are.


What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to brands new to collaborating with influencers?

Offer some form of monetary payment. If you can’t afford their fee, you can respectfully decline and come back later when you are able to afford them. At the end of the day, it’s advertising and influencers shouldn’t be expected to work for free.




You do a lot of charity work, did you approach these charities or do they come to you? How do you choose which ones to work with?

These are great questions! Coppafeel! & Ditch The Label approached me first, but I was happy to work with them because they both encompass two very important aspects of my work. Coppafeel and myself are a great fit, because we encourage people to get to know the look and feel of our bodies so they can detect the signs of cancer. Ditch the Label also work well, because I am an active campaigner against a world that isn’t accepting of all types of humans. I am particularly loud on the subject of sexual harassment online, something that Ditch The Label also help victims with.


What are the best tools out there for influencers?

Youtube, Instagram, Twitter,  a Tripod, a self timer, a good camera and insurance for all electronic devices. 


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Jessica Megan Vitality

You are trapped on a deserted island and you’re allowed to take 3 things, what would they be?

My dog (I know he isn’t a ‘thing’ but he’s coming no matter what), an endless supply of drinking water and a Swiss army knife.


This or That? 

Beach holiday or winter holiday? Winter

Documentary or TV series? TV series

Early mornings or late nights? Neither. Yuck. I live my life starting early and finishing late. What happened to that nice bit in the middle? Let’s bring that back.

Sound or visuals? Sound




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