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September 19, 2018


How To Make Money On Instagram

Making money on Instagram is probably the hottest topic right now, a platform not only for photo sharing but for e-commerce, influencers are now blogging for money on Instagram with ease. Once you have reach and influence nailed you just need a few pointers to be well on your way to instastardom.

Switching To A Business Account:

You may think that the first step in to making Instagram into a business is to in fact switch to a business account. Although this will offer further insights into your followers such as follower analysis on demographics, growth & reach overtime and impressions there has been a lot of talk as to whether the switch affects your visibility.

Some influencers have reported their posts having lower engagement after changing to a business account on Instagram and it is thought that Instagram prioritises personal accounts over business. There is however no concrete evidence for this but this is understandably a worry, especially for those with a moderate following.

Instagram Business: Is It Worth The Switch


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Media kits (f)Media Kit:

Media kits are crucial to scoring brand collaborations, they act as a digital portfolio and allow brands to see the influence you have on the market. Constantly updating your media kit by taking screenshots is both tedious and boring.

Creating a media kit with ZINE takes 5 minutes, all you need to do is connect your social channels and write a bio and you’re good to go! You can also add past collaborations to display work you’ve done in the past. Your influence is verified by the respective social channels, so in this case Instagram, but also Facebook, Google Analytics, YouTube, etc. You can add rate cards to your media kit so brands know what to expect cost wise from the offset. And, best of all it automatically updates with your latest stats and posts allowing brands to discover all your social channels with just one click.

Once your media kit is created you will gain access to in depth audience analytics such as audience affinities, gender, age, income which allows you to gain a deeper understanding into who you are targeting and which brands you’ll be a good fit for. You will also become visible to brands on ZINE in our Influencer Portfolio who can contact you for collaborations, easy, hey?

How To Make A Media Kit That Will Earn You Millions



Your Instagram is going to become your brand so it is super important that you keep to an easily recognisable aesthetic. When a brand sees an image and they can identify that it is yours straight away, that’s when you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your audience has a certain expectancy of what your content will be so keeping to a similar aesthetic matters.

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Aesthetic instagarmUse The Right Hashtags:

Using a block of hashtags is all well and good but make sure they are relevant to the post. Now users can follow hashtags, making it even more important to use the correct ones to boost your visibility and influence. Similarly, you can also unfollow hashtags so mixing them up is paramount to avoid your posts from being invisible.


Tag Brands:

Tagging brands that are featured in your Instagram posts will increase your visibility and may even result in it being reposted on the brands Instagram which will massively increase your exposure. 

Be Selective:

It can be easy to become excited when collaborations start to come in, especially in the beginning but it is important to be selective and stay true to yourself and your audience. This ties in with keeping to your aesthetic, you don’t want your audience to see you promoting something they know is obviously not genuine to you as this will affect your credibility in the industry.  

Ready to make start making money on Instagram? Create your free influencer media kit and join over 50,000 influencers in our portfolio who have unlocked their audience analytics today.




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