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July 16, 2018

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Get Creative: Content Ideas For Foodies Across All Platforms

It’s only natural to hit the wall from time to time when you’re constantly creating content, no matter how passionate you are. It’s so important to take a step a back and get inspired again. We’re all massive foodies at ZINE so we thought this would be the perfect industry to focus on!


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Foodies Get Creative


This new feature on Instagram is one that is set to blow up soon so what better way to get new content out to not only your audience, but also to other foodies out there. Set yourself a challenge, do you have a recipe you can make in 15 minutes? Cook live for your audience and show them how easy it is. Millennials are all about instant gratification, being on the go and convenience, so that is where you can step in. IGTV is a mobile first app built around convenient TV, which makes it a great platform to use.

                           How to make the most of IGTV and what it means for influencers…


YouTube Live:

It’s really important to interact with your audience as this will help to build your engagement rate. A live ‘Cook With Me’ series lets your subscribers get involved and make the same dish as you. It also lets them see you in a raw, unedited light which is way more personal. Encourage a discussion in the comments below about which recipe they want you to make next or to see how well theirs turned out.


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Foodie Spread


Blog/Instagram Stories:

‘Recipe Roundups’ are a good way of seeing which recipes worked the best and which appeal to your audience the most. Creating a short blog post rounding up the top 3 recipes you shared that month and pushing this out into an Instagram Stories sequence gives your content another chance to be seen. It’s easy to always be thinking ahead but it’s good to go back and reflect on your previous content. It also allows new followers to see what you’re all about in a quick snippet.


                                            Instagram Stories…Do yours tell the right story? 


Instagram x Eateries:

Competition time! Pitch to your favourite restaurants or eateries using your ZINE Media Kit to collaborate with for a free meal for a follower in return for your photography & exposure. Followers can comment below and tag 3 friends they’d like to share the meal with.


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Foodies

Instagram x You:

Run a competition for your followers to recreate your recipes by using a corresponding hashtag. This creates a community for your followers to interact with each other and yourself. You can then choose a winner out of your audience.


Post a picture of a sharing platter to your Twitter or Facebook and encourage a conversation of who they’d share it with and why.


ZINE’s Influencer marketing platform uses powerful technology to unlock in-depth audience analytics which guide you to create engaging & targeted content. 















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