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January 28, 2018


All About RSS Feeds



When the image for your blog card isn’t showing

This may be to do with the format of your RSS feed. The RSS feed of your blog may not include a picture with your article, to change that you can install a Plugin for WordPress – takes about 2min and has been working great! To Install the plugin go through the following steps:


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  1. Sign into your WordPress account and select “Plugins” from the sidebar
  2. Search for either  “Featured Image In RSS Feed” or “Featured Images in RSS & Mailchimp Email” whichever one you prefer.
  3. Select and install “featured in RSS w/ Size and Position”


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  1. Once installed Select “settings” from the sidebar
  2. In the drop down “Choose the image size to include in your RSS feeds” choose “Full”

Lastly Remember to save your changes. You may not see the image instantly, but if you’re impatient, you can log into your media kit and select “refresh” from the menu bar.



It’s super easy and should only take a few minutes! It all depends on what platform your blog is built on – the easiest way of tackling this regardless of your platform or browser is Feedburner. If you have any issues, just try our live chat bubble at the right hand corner of this page for help!


Simply go to (you will need a google account to use this site) and enter your blog URL. Feedburner will automatically generate an RSS feed link that you can paste into your media kit.

Let’s start with the easiest of them all! With Squarespace, you can simply build your own RSS feed link. The structure of the link is:


“pageslug” is something you need to look up or may know anyway, it’s the name of the ‘Page’ on which your blog is. For example, on the blog is found simply under ‘/blog’ (/blog being the pageslug) therefore the blog RSS feed is

See what I did there? Simply add ‘?format=rss’ to the end of your sitename plus pageslug and tadaaaa! your RSS feed is ready.

For more detailed instructions and a video – you can go to the Squarespace help section.


Alternatively, you can find the RSS feed of your blog on any platform with a quick and easy Chrome extension called ‘RSS Subscription Extension‘ (sexy, huh?). Simply install the extension and go to your blog. There should be a little RSS feed icon on the top right of your browser (right next to probably your pinterest and adblock extension). When you click on the RSS icon it will open a new tab with the option to subscribe to this RSS feed. On the right in the blue banner section where it says ‘Feed preview’, it will say [feed]. Clicking on [feed] will open a new tab with the link to your RSS feed in the address bar. Simply copy the link and paste it.

Chrome Browser

Mozilla Firefox usually has the RSS feed button installed on the top right next to your address bar, or in the extended menu at the far right. If it’s not there, you can add the RSS button by going to ‘Customise’ on the menu. A detailed step by step guide on how to do this is here. Once enabled, go to your blog and click the RSS feed icon. If there are several ‘Blog’ pages you can pick the feed you would like to feature from the drop down menu. This will open a new tab with the link of your RSS feed in the address bar.

Mozilla Firefox