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April 23, 2018

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Show Off  Your Past Collaborations On Your ZINE Media Kit

Fact: brands want to see what other brands you have collaborated with

Also Fact: scrolling through your social media to find your previous collaborations is not fun 

Making it easy for brands to see examples of your previous collaborations is likely to do three things:

1. Show them that you create amazing work
2. Makes you look extra professional by having everything laid out for them – also saving them time
3. Give them a case of FOMO (fear of missing out)


That’s where your ZINE Media Kit comes in. While your snazzy digital media kit and all your connected social media channels will have already got them interested in working with you, like the start of any relationship; you’ll still need to prove yourself. When it comes to influencer marketing that means, by presenting examples of your best work.


That way they can see first hand your awesome high quality work, and be much more likely to send you a collaboration request.


The ZINE Media Kit is your personal portfolio; That’s why once you’ve created your profile you can go back and link your past collaborations.


Under the “Media Kit” tab by selecting “edit” from the menu bar, you can add the name of the brand you collaborated with, the social media platforms on which the collaboration took place, an image which reflects the collaboration and the link to the collaboration. Making it easy for you to present all your past collaborations in a neat way and allowing brands to quickly check any collaborations that spark their interest.


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Looking into your previous collaborations, is a key step in brands’ research, before they decide to work with you. Keeping track of your collaborations and showing them off, in a way brands understand and can easily access, makes the whole collaboration process that little bit more streamlined.



The ZINE media kit acts as a match maker and chaperone making sure that you don’t jeopardise your chances of making the right relationship succeed. 

If you haven’t yet signed up to ZINE don’t worry-  Click below, connect all your channels and start showing how great your work really is.