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September 10, 2019


Karine Kong: Bodie and Fou | ZINE Influencer Interview Series

How / why did you first start out blogging? 

I founded the Award-winning online concept store BODIE and FOU in 2005 and ran it for ten years. One year after the launch, I read somewhere that having a blog would boost the e-shop SEO so I started a blog. This became quickly another passion of mine. When I sold the shop in January 2016, I became a full-time Blogger.


How would you describe your aesthetic? 

Effortlessly chic, timeless and welcoming

Has the kind of collaborations you accept changed over the last x years?

I have always tried to work with brands that fit my aesthetics and ethos. However, in the beginning, I admit working with a few brands that didn’t fit the bill but I was keen to earn a living from blogging so I went ahead. Over the years, I’ve learnt to say no to those and trust that the right brands will come to me and they have. In recent years, I’ve worked with several brands who gave me full creative independence and I think that’s when I produce my best content.

What has been your favourite collaboration to date and why?

My daughter and I featured in a TV spot for Eve Sleep filmed at the beach near our home in France. The one with my daughter Mila is currently running in the UK and France. Mine should be out in Feb this year. 
I first worked with EVE SLEEP in 2015. They had just launched their company and kindly gifted me a mattress, which by the way, is the most comfortable mattress we’ve had at home. 
At the time, one of the Founders came to our home, we got to chat and I really liked what they were doing business-wise.
I recently worked with them again for our bedroom makeover so when they approached me to feature in their TV spot, I was delighted. Kuba, the Founder, came to France with the whole team and it was a really great day.
The other brand I really enjoy working with is Command. I have been their Brand Ambassador for 2 years in a row now and I’m a huge fan of their products which I regularly use for styling.

How important is it to you that sponsored content fits seamlessly into your feed?

It is very important. Instagram is very fickle and posting the wrong content/image for your feed will result in low engagement, loss of followers and will play against brand and the Content Creator. 
The best way is for the brand to highlight the things they want the Content Creator to put forward and then give them free rein with the creative. For me, that’s what works best and it also maintains the trust my followers have in me.

What do you look for when accepting brand collaborations? 

Whether they fit my aesthetics if it’s a something I will be happy to have at home, to buy for myself.

Which key metrics do you think brands should focus on when sourcing influencers for campaigns?

Engagement and quality of content. How do the audience respond to content, topics the Content Creator publishes on a blog, Instagram, etc.

Who are your favourite influencers that you follow?

I love the fashion style of Alexis Foreman @Stylememos and for interiors @myparadissi and @jonwoodsisters for the photography

This month ZINE launches verified reach, making it easier for brands to focus on real reach and engagement. As an influencer how important do you think it is for brands to look at these metrics over follower numbers?

I think brands that choose to work with Content Creators simply because of the number of their followers are wasting valuable marketing money. It is so easy these days to buy followers, likes and fake engagement that they should really look at the type of comments left on an Instagrammer to see if they have a real conversation with their audience.

What are key influencer marketing trends you think we’ll see more of in the year ahead?

Hopefully, the one above. More Ambassadorship. Brands should work with Content Creators on several campaigns and build a relationship.

What would be the one piece of advice you’d offer to your younger self?

Read and learn. I’ve been blogging for more than a decade now but it’s only recently that I have really paid attention to SEO, Google Analytics.

This or That? 

Outdoors or Indoors? Outdoors in Summer, indoors in Winter 😉
France or London? Tricky. Loved London for 23 years but delighted to live by the beach in France now
New build or Refurb? definitively refurb. I’m about to start on our 4th and biggest home renovation @CASAPYLA
Air BnB or Hotel? AirBNB
Summer or Winter? Summer…mais tellement <3