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August 31, 2017


Get Creative: 5 blog post ideas when you’re feeling uninspired

Being a blogger is quite demanding, it may sometimes feel impossible having to constantly come up with creative content to fill up your pages and most importantly  to keep your readers intrigued.  Like most bloggers out there, there are probably times when you feel as though you’ve written everything you’ve wanted to say, and any additional content will just be a repetition of what you’ve already blogged.

But if you don’t want your web traffic to drop it’s important to keep sharing content. And there are a few topics you can always blog about, which your readers will appreciate and will also potentially help you pocket a few collaborations with brands you’d like to work with.


A Review

Writing a blog post on a product you’ve bought is a great way to add more pages to your blog and to preserve your audience’s attention. People like reading about the opinions of bloggers on products, especially when you’re quite an expert in that niche, so make sure to write reviews on related products within your niche. 

Top tip: Review products from brands you’d like to work with. When a brand sees you already show interest in their products, they’d be more inclined to ask you to sponsor and review some of their products. 


Show What you know  

Share your knowledge with your readers from your everyday life, on topics or items they might also find useful. This can cover a whole array of things. From what tools you use to get maximum results as a blogger from your blog, to what makeup you wear on a daily basis. Share your knowledge with things you’ve already tried and tested. 


A comparison

Similar to a product review, do a side by side comparison, of similar tools and products you’ve used, subjects or topics you’ve learnt about, or experiences you’ve been through.  Write the key features of each side by side, showing the benefits and disadvantages of each one. This allows your readers to gain valuable insights on the key features of things they’re interested in, and saves them time from doing their own research.

The post, will not only prove to be interesting for your readers, but may help you finally choose between two things you’ve been debating over. Not to mention, it will definitely help you get the approval from brands, who will see that you dig deep and think about a product before you actually review it. 


A list post

Write a bucket list, a must-see or must do list with reasons too. Write about places you’ve visited, restaurants you’ve eaten at, destinations you’ve travelled to, and inspire your readers to do the same. 

Top tip: Rather than only using pictures, tag and link the websites, whether it’s a specific restaurant, cafe, hotel or park. This way,bringing to their attention, the web traffic you are diverting to their site, hopefully prompting a possible near future collaboration


A Giveaway

Giveaways and competitions are quite popular with bloggers, they can drive quite a bit of traffic as more people, other than your usual readers would want to get involved. If you aren’t already collaborating with a brand, give something away that you would typically use on a daily basis. This way you’re promoting a product you know and trust works well, and wouldn’t mind if by any chance the competition comes to the brand’s attention.