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May 13, 2016


ZINE The Platform That Will Save Influencer Marketing?

Everyone listens to someone. Today that “someone” is usually an insta-famous social media personality. Those real-time fashionistas, lavish-lifestyle instagrammers, opinionated bloggers and entertaining vloggers, are now the most trusted sources and influential individuals when it comes to promoting brands.


Influencer marketing takes full advantage of that. It’s the most effective way for brands to take products to market and to tap into their desired audience. The idea involves, getting a trusted source to share a brand’s message, instantly, to a gathered mass of individuals who not only share similar interests but also constitute the perfect target market for a brand. In theory transforming the brand’s message into sales and hard cash. But in the real world influencer marketing doesn’t work quite as smoothly.


There are thousands of influencers out there, which makes it hard for brands to see the wood from the trees; so brands just don’t know where to begin. In the race against time that is the ever changing social media blogosphere brands are resorting to indiscriminately and even randomly spamming and gifting their latest products to a myriad of influencers, with high hopes of getting a picture or a blog post in return from a small percentage of those recipients. Brands not only continually fail to identify influencers who actually represent and reflect their brand’s image, but also lose track of their collaborations. The result is a loss of complete control over their brand’s marketing and image.


On the other side of the coin, brands frustrate influencer’s expectations when it comes to paid collaborations. In the innumerable, informal, fuzzy and faceless collaboration arrangements of the online world it’s often difficult for influencers to clearly ascertain their terms of engagement. So having taken the time to write a spellbinding blog post or posted that inspiring picture to thousands of followers, the influencer’s pay is then often completely overlooked.


So there we have it, influencer marketing, an industry caught in a double bluff… or so it was before the inception of Zine; the largest global platform for influencers and brands in the making.


Having identified these issues in influencer marketing, Zine is a platform specifically designed with both brands and influencers in mind, so as to take their collaborations to another level whilst formalizing their collaborations with standardised contracts.


Zine ensures the best possible completely compatible collaborations. Taking into account not only up to date real-time data on the influencers’ outreach on all social media platforms but also non quantitative metrics like the influencer’s charm, feel and overall style. Maximizing statistical and aesthetical potential; providing the best of both worlds.


It’s a two-way street. Brands can discover influencers and influencers can find brands. The features on the platform are innovative yet user friendly. From filters facilitating browsing and analysing influencers’ profiles on Zine’s extensive database, to streamlining the collaboration’s management and administration. Influencers are able to apply for open campaigns if they fit the criteria or contact brands directly, which they feel suit them.


Profiles of both influencers and brands are carefully assessed to guarantee the best collaborations.  Zine makes a brands’ collaboration possible with their ideal influencers; those who accurately represent and reflect the brand’s image and so personify the brand. Influencers who will then go on to craft a campaign with creative content, telling a spellbinding story to their followers; bystanders who become buyers of brands.


Industry experts concur that Zine is the only platform which deals with all the issues influencer marketing is currently facing. Going through hundreds of hours of market research and verifying the features and real life issues brands and bloggers face today, Zine is creating the ultimate tool for brands and influencers of all sizes. Zine’s values make it the only durable platform out there because its priority is quality and not quantity; the only meeting place for all the best brands and finest influencers out there. Zine is the brands’ portal to thousands of modern day storytellers and through them to millions of modern day listeners.