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November 14, 2017


Master Your Influencer Marketing Campaign This Christmas

You don’t need us to tell you, in the world of retail Christmas is huge! So big in fact that sales reflect around 19.2% of annual income.

And what makes Christmas such a lucrative time for retailers? It’s the season of giving! That means you are being presented with a special time of the year where you can expand your target audience.

From the consumers perspective – buying the perfect gift for a loved one is a struggle and trust in advertising has hit an all time low, so many turn to channels they have ‘opted into’ for inspiration – namely social media. With 30% of all internet users being active on Instagram, and 75% of online shoppers watching influencer videos before making a purchase, influencer marketing is arguably the most valuable channel for tapping into seasonal spending.

The influencer stamp of approval on your product is a quick and easy way to validate your brand, and their relatable storytelling and engaging photos and videos can tell your story, and resonate with your audience in a way you cannot.

The beauty of influencer marketing is that in addition to hitting that gold-star word of mouth recommendation spot, it also helps create a majority illusion, maximising your christmas appeal.

Your product needs to be everywhere on your target audience’s feeds, boosting your products awareness and targeting them during those micro-moments. Creating a majority illusion, means collaborating with a handful of influencers, micro, macro and mid-tier influencers (depending on your budget) who would have similar or nearly identical followers; validating your product and giving their followers the impression of enhanced popularity.


Two ways to collaborate


Gift List Collaborations:

Collaborating with influencers for Christmas gift lists is a super effective way of helping like-minded consumers find gift ideas from the influencers they already follow and trust. ‘Tis the season for giving after all! Here, you can be incredibly flexible and work with influencers you would not typically ask to promote your products eg. collaborating with beauty influencers to promote gadgets which might be fitting for their boyfriends, or with mum bloggers who can share your products as gift ideas for their parents or kids.


Wish List Collaborations:

While expanding your influencer marketing collaborations can be great at unlocking new revenue, don’t neglect your die-hard customers. They will definitely have ‘hint hint’ lists of their own. Organising collaborations with their beloved influencers is a great way to ensure your products feature top-spot on their wish lists, making it easy for their nearest and dearest to buy for them.


It’s not too late to start your Influencer campaign, especially with most shoppers just starting their Christmas shopping .But we advise you to hurry up and start making partnerships before your perfect influencers are all booked up! ZINE has a database of over 200,000 influencers and our easy to use campaigns feature, cuts out much of the leg work for influencer marketing. Contact a member of the team today to start sourcing your influencers right away.