How To Pitch Yourself As An Influencer To Brands

17.04.2018 INFLUENCER

Successful bloggers and influencers know how to pitch themselves. What's more, understanding the fundamentals of pitching means you are more likely to win collaborations with the brands that you like the most. This helps your overall image to remain authentic and you keep the trust of your hard earned fans. The reason this is so important is trust.


As our 2018 influencer marketing survey uncovered, consumers are more likely to buy a product from someone based on trust - not the size of the following. The reason why this is so important, is brands favour influencers who inspire and influence, and will want to work with you again if your campaign has been successful.

Here is everything you need for your killer pitch to the brands you love:


Influencer Tip 1: Research The Brand

Make sure you do your due diligence on your chosen brand. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What channels are they active across?
  • What influencer marketing are they doing already?
  • Who is their target market?
  • What products are you interested in promoting the most?
  • Is there an email of an actual person to contact



Influencer Tip 2: Know Your Follower Demographics

Knowing who your follower base is will help you to demonstrate your value. Your follower base is likely to vary from platform to platform. In general brands will want to know things like, top audience locations, average age groups and gender split - all of which is automatically updated on your free ZINE media kit. Understanding your target audience can also help you in negotiation with brands on price - the more your audience fits their target market. The more valuable you are to them.



Influencer Tip 3: Get Yourself Out There

In our interview with Elena Sandor from Eat-Wear-Travel, she explains the importance of getting yourself out there.

“You have to put your face out there because it’s how you connect with PRs and brands. Not just you sitting behind a desk or laptop. It’s really important for people to actually see you and know you. That’s how I managed to secure some of my contacts.”

That means get yourself out there. Make use of any industry event you can to really grow your network. You can then start to leverage connections you make, and connections of connections building up your network of brand, PR and agency contacts.



Influencer Tip 4: How To Introduce Yourself 

When you reach out to brands by email make sure you are reaching out to an actual person as opposed to a team address e.g. ''.

The person who you are trying to reach likely has hundreds of emails coming to their inbox each day, so make sure the subject line is enticing.

Then, in the email body - get straight to the point. Your email should explain who you are and how you can help the brand achieve its goals - not ‘what you want’.

You can then include a link to your ZINE media kit which automatically updates with your audience demographics, engagement rates and sample content to strengthen your case. Don’t forget to make sure you have added previous collaborations and rate card price list too.



Influencer Tip 5: Be Prepared To Negotiate

By now you should have already worked out how much you should charge for a sponsored post. You should have this in mind when you go ahead and pitch your brands, however also be prepared to negotiate. Consider how much time and effort will need to go into the particular collaboration, what the relationship with the brand is worth, and to what extent your collaboration will help achieve the brands business goals.



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