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June 19, 2018


How To Keep An Authentic Voice

Influencers bridge the gap between advertising and authenticity and a huge part of influencer marketing is to give brands an authentic voice by using brand affiliates like yourselves. So it’s paramount that you strike the right balance, giving them an authentic voice, without compromising your own.


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Be Selective:

If there was ever a right time to be picky, it’s when choosing which campaigns to work on. This will guarantee that you  keep your authentic tone. In our recent survey, 47% of you said that you’d reject a collaboration that doesn’t resonate your personal brand and/or audience, and quite rightly so.

This is also important for brands to consider as  if the influencer isn’t a natural fit for their product or service then neither will your audience.

Therefore, collaborating with brands you that you truly love and will resonate with your audience, make for an organic campaign that you can easily incorporate into your posts.  without compromising your authentic voice whilst remaining consistent with your content.

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Don’t Compare:

Comparison is such a slippery slope so it’s quite important to truly know your own style, and what you represent.  In a sphere where there is so much competition you must remember how far you’ve come and that your audience are there for you and no one else. They seek value in your content and as long as that is there to stay – so will they. It’s easy to be swayed into following the crowd with content, but your uniqueness is what sets you apart from the latter. Don’t lose this to the fear of comparison.


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Tell Your Story:

Your stamp of approval on a product or brand is the epitome of a great product in your audience’s’ eyes. That’s why brands working with influencers don’t want you to tell their story but instead your personal journey. This helps your audience genuinely connect with you and the brand. This is also why, campaigns which do not restrict creative freedom as much are typically perform better. So  It’s important that you identify your own storytelling technique so that when brands want to work with you, you can easily incorporate your own personal experiences.



Your audience wants hear your honest and genuine experience with a product or service that you are promoting. Building a relationship and engaging  with them is critical to helping them distinguish between genuine, influencers and non.


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Consider your audience as your friends. You wouldn’t recommend a rubbish product to your friends and therefore you shouldn’t to your audience either. Transparency is key and they’ll be quick to tell if a post seems forced and unnatural.


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