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March 31, 2017


How to Engage and Grow your Audience

You’ve been on social media for a while and are struggling to get the attention you want; but there are a few things you can do, to increase your chances of being a social media hit!


Sure you can buy your first few hundred to get the ball rolling, and if you’re still struggling your next thousand. But how odd will it look if you have thousands of followers, yet no one liking or reading your posts? Although you can get instant increase in followers by purchasing them, fake followers actually, serve no purpose. Even brands and PR agencies are starting to wise up to the fact that choosing influencers to promote products based on the number of followers is actually not a great indicator.


You want to get genuine followers, who interact with your content!


Let’s be honest. There’s no one single way to boost your following. We know that this wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but we have some of the greatest tips to help you on your road to social media popularity and help you expand your reach.



Content is Key

If we had to choose one tip, it would be to make sure your content is valuable, eye catching, worth reading and of interest to the audience you want! Content is your gold, it’s the reason you have followers.

People won’t come back for more, if your content is not worthwhile! They might give your posts a glance (if you’re lucky) and move on. Each of your posts should give your followers a reason for following you.



Use your Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Great content shouldn’t just live on your blog but also on your social media accounts. Promote your presence on all your social networking sites. It’s much more likely that social media users will notice you on social media platforms before they find your blog. So use them to drive traffic from your social media to your blog. And if your content is good enough you’ll be able to turn social media users from bystanders into followers, readers and subscribers.



Link Everything

Have links to your social media accounts on your blog or website, so they can go ahead and follow you straightway. That way they aren’t wasting their time searching for you. And we’ll tell you now that whether they like your content or not, they probably won’t bother to search for you at all!

Likewise add a “share” option at the bottom, side or top of your every blog post; wherever you decide to place it, just make visible and easily accessible! People should be able to instantly share the content they find interesting, directly onto their social media accounts. It’s like getting marketing to extended audiences for free!



Engage with your Followers

Read and reply to every single comment you receive! Never let a comment go unnoticed. Followers need to know that behind the captivating content is a real human being. They’ll appreciate the time you take to respond to their comments and mentions. Who knows, they may even promote your content by sharing it on their own platforms!


Engaging with your followers also helps you understand your followers’ needs and get to know them much better. Allowing you to adjust, adapt and accustom your content to their interests, they’ll definitely come back and bring their followers along!



Use Hashtags

When posting content on your social media (most appropriate to Instagram), make sure you are using hashtags to reference your posts! Use hashtags which are relevant to your post and specific to your niche to draw attention from the audience you’re longing for.

But before you decide which hashtags to use the search bar and type in the tags you would use. Finding out how many posts already exist on those hashtags and how popular the hashtag may be.

You want to use popular hashtags. The more people using those hashtags or who are interested in those hashtags, the more people will see your posts. And if your content is good enough, they’ll like it or even go a step further and look at the rest of your posts before following you!



Be Yourself

Chasing after the latest trends will put you among thousands of others. Be selective and true to yourself – pick the things you think are great and worth showing. This way you will stand out from the rest and develop your own brand.



Be Consistent and Constant

Keep updating and uploading on your social media. It’s common sense that the more you post the more likely it’ll be to receive more attention and followers.



Post at the Right Time

Build your following by posting your content at specific times when social media users are most active, that way boosting the attention you receive. We have created a social media calendar just for you so you can schedule when you publish your posts to get more followers.