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September 11, 2018


How Influencers Are Paid On ZINE

When you collaborate through the ZINE platform, you are effectively working with a number of different agencies and brands, who may each have different payment methods and/or payment terms.

Read this short resource to learn the quickest way to get paid for your collaborations, in each instance. 


1. Payment From ZINE

Team ZINE sometimes helps our clients to execute large scale campaigns that need an extra pair of hands. In this instance, you will get paid directly from ZINE 30 days after posting and having filled in your payout legalities. If you are based in the UK you can also agree to the ‘Self Billing Agreement’ – which allows us to raise an invoice on your behalf as soon as your post goes live. You won’t have to do anything asides from filling in the ‘payout legalities’ section in the “work” tab on your profile, agree to our payment terms by ticking the box, fill in your billing address and hit save. 

Once the payout legalities section has been filled out, the day payment is due you will receive an email inviting you to activate your account on ZINEPay. Here you can enter your preferred payment details. If you take part in another collaboration through ZINE in the future, your details will be saved and this will be automatic.


2. Payment From Brands & Agencies on ZINE

When you are working with a Brand or Agency through ZINE, you will need to enquire about their respective payment terms separately. Please make sure you have discussed payment terms and method with the Brand or Agency before accepting the collaboration.


Do I need to charge VAT?

If you are VAT registered and resident of the UK or EU, you will need to charge VAT. Please include your VAT number on your invoice or add it to your details on the Payout tab.

If you live outside the UK or EU you will need to check your local VAT tax regulation. 


What is the Self Billing Agreement?

UK and EU influencers can opt for the Self Billing Agreement. This means you don’t have to send an invoice to ZINE  to get paid, the invoice will be raised automatically on your behalf and sent to ZINE/the Brand. We require you to provide us with your VAT registration details, if you are VAT registered, to provide this service. Note that the Self Billing Agreement only applies to campaigns were you contract with ZINE directly. If you are dealing with a Brand directly, you will still need to send an Invoice. Please check the Payment Process and Terms section on the respective Brand profile for more information.