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February 04, 2019


Get Creative: 5 Valentine Ideas For Influencers

We’re starting to feel the love with Valentines just around the corner… Whether celebrating with your beau or your besties the V day is another ‘holiday’ that brands are keen on leveraging influencer reach and content. Plus with everyone feeling the love – you’ll also have some good opportunities to create content that your followers will adore!

Here are 5 creative ways you can use the loveliest day of the year to get more likes and add a pop of pink to your feed!


1. The Psychology Behind The Colour Red

This V day… paint your feed red! Red roses scream romance. But did you also know the psychology behind the colour? Not only does rouge create a sense of urgency – which is perfect for collaborations where you know the brand’s goal is to increase the sale of a particular product, but it also raises the blood pressure and heartbeat, which is often associated with passion and excitement!  


ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog  | Valentine inspiration for influencers


2. Location Location Location

At ZINE we love romance… but we also love efficiency in creating great content! What better excuse for both, than Valentine’s day?! This year, if you are lucky enough to be whisked off to a lavish location, either by a fabulous brand, or a fabulous person make sure you make the most of the fab scenery to create some post Valentine’s content too! We’re thinking skylines, coastlines, cottages, candles and spa’s!




3. No Lover, No Problem

It doesn’t really matter whether or not you’re coupled up. Valentine’s content is much much more than that. With the change of season looming, outfit collages work extremely well, and for those foodies amongst you – it’s a great way to get a little creative in colours, flavours and shapes. Holidays like Valentines always present a fantastic opportunity to create some wonderful content that engages your audience.

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4. GOT (Go Over The Top)

Pink, shiny, glittery, girly, unashamedly fabulous! All things we love! Valentines is a great excuse to be you… just a little more sickly sweet! We love this post from Urban Outfitters as inspo!

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog


5. Collaborate with your significant other

Whether or not your significant other is in the industry too, Valentines is a great opportunity to run a co-collaboration. Or even some content that taps into both of your audiences. Think Valentine’s wish list for my favourite boy/girl! C-collaborating is a great way to get exposure to a new audience, as well as collaborate on a brand that wouldn’t normally resonate. 

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Valentines Ideas for Influencers






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