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May 14, 2020


Top female fitness influencers on Instagram 


Fitness influencers have made it easier than ever to live a healthy lifestyle, learn new fitness tips and eat wholesome meals. 

We’ve compiled 11 of the best Instagram female influencers you should be aware of for upcoming campaigns. Whether you’re looking for an influencer to help with a new workout regime or cook a healthy nutritious meal, our list of influencers has it all.


Victoria Spence


Victoria’s Instagram

Victoria Niamh Spence is a former dancer, turned fitness influencer. She beat a serious eating disorder and turned her bad experience into a love for fitness and body positivity. She now focuses her attention on empowering women through social media by trying to change the mindset of how women view their bodies, no matter shape or size. Victoria has built an impressive social media following, inspiring women all over the world to embrace who they are inside and out, no matter the circumstances! 


Sophie Butler


Sophie’s Instagram

Sophie Butler is an inspiration to many and has always been a fitness fanatic. After suffering a severe spinal injury in the gym, Sophie went against the odds and regained her love of training through the process of spinal injury recovery. Even though the gym was the place that broke her, she managed to turn it into something that saved her soul. She wants to inspire people to simply live, take control of their lives and make it their own. Sophie wants to help other people find the feeling within themselves to feel strong and empowered, despite any hardships they may face.


Sophie Hellyer


Sophie’s Instagram 

Sophie is a former national teen surfing champion. As her career progressed, she sought to find a diverse and inclusive surfing community for women and became a strong voice on the topics of ocean pollution and sustainable living. She is the founder of the successful #RiseFierce Wild Swimming Collective & Retreats. She created the collective to inspire women to try cold-water swimming. By opening up the conversation on women in extreme sports, she aims to identify a fairer representation of the female surfing community. Wherever possible, Sophie hopes to enlighten her audience and promote meaningful change.


Emily Skye


Emily’s Instagram 

Emily Skye is the perfect fitness influencer for mothers that need a little inspiration for getting back into shape after having a baby. Having recently had a baby with another on the way, she serves as a role model to women who want to continue exercising while expecting. She stresses the importance of setting realistic goals rather than forcing yourself through a tough regimen. She believes unrealistic expectations are what cause so many mothers to give up on their goals and wants to show mothers that the right mindset is all they need!


Rona Cruz


Rona’s Instagram

After running for many years, Rona wanted to try other ways to stay fit without putting too much stress on the body and looked for something that was as free and convenient as running. Her search led to her yoga, meditation and mantra! Her love and passion for these things grew and she decided to find and share the practical ways to apply these concepts to everyone’s lives and  help other parents or full-time professionals like herself find a better solution when we can’t make it to (or afford) the yoga studio!


Sophie Radcliffe


Sophie’s Instagram

Sophie merges fitness and travel fuelled by her philosophy “One Life, Live It.” She is inspired to create something that leaves a lasting impact on the world. She travels around the world creating connections with people in different countries, on different stages of their journey, to help them to find their fire and use it for good. She is the only person in history to have climbed the highest mountains in the eight Alpine countries and cycled between them, climbing five times the height of Mount Everest in 32 days. Above all, she’s a lover of life and proves there are infinite possibilities for us all.


Esmee Gummer


Esmee’s Instagram

Esmee Gummer is an instructor at cult gym chain ‘1Rebel’, and is known for her superhuman strength and crazy endurance challenges. Esmee’s career in fitness was almost cut short at 18 when she was told she’d never walk again after a hernia operation. After making an amazing full recovery, she has dedicated her life to taking on extreme adventures – like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Her goal is to use her experience to change the way people, including instructors and trainers, think about fitness and document it on her Instagram inspiring others to do the same and live life to the fullest.


Nikki Grace


Nikki’s Instagram

Nikki Grace is your typical girl next door! Her feed is a big splash of fashion, fitness and everything in between. If you’re looking for easy and nutritious plant-based recipes, she’s your girl! Nikki creates tonnes of fun and easy recipes for her followers as well as sharing her amazing fun and go-to styling tips! Nikki has worked with brands such as 7NRG® UK and The Perfume Shop.


Hannah Christina


Hannah’s Instagram

Growing up in a large family with parents that believed in wholesome nutrition, Hannah has always been interested in fitness and healthy eating. As well as being a competitive top 10 powerlifter, Hannah is also a certified coach. Her mission is to impact others mentally, emotionally, and physically, to walk away feeling confident, not hating the gym but finding a love for fitness in their own way. 


Catherine Canizalez


Catherine’s Instagram

Originally from Venezuela, Catherine is a lighthearted and fun-loving jack of all trades, she is the queen of home workouts and dabbles in a lot of other things on her Instagram. She creates fun workouts and makes delicious and easy wholefood meals that she can share with her loyal followers. She loves fashion and regularly posts her outfits and fashion inspo. Catherine enjoys travelling to different places and countries learning about their culture. She shares this with her following hoping to educate and enlighten them on her discoveries. 


Ashley G


Ashley’s Instagram

Ashley is a fitness influencer who works full time as an accountant but has a deep passion for health and fitness. She started working on her health more consistently and putting more time and energy into what would become a big part of her life! After studying for a personal training certification, Ashley officially became a CPT and was able to start making a difference in other people’s lives. Having understood the amount of commitment needed for a healthier lifestyle, she decided to create a guide that anyone could commit to. As a result, she has created very successful programmes loved by many. Ashley hopes to have an impact on many more lives with her guides and hopes to inspire others to make a commitment, just one week at a time.


Wrapping it up

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