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March 25, 2020


Top 15 Chef Instagram influencers

As a food brand, you want to partner with top food and chef influencers who have an audience interested in food. Maybe you want an influencer to use your products in one of their recipes, or perhaps you want to promote a new-to-the-market product for people to discover.


Isobel Hossack

Isobel Hossack instagram

Isobel Hossack Instagram

Why we love Isobel: Isobel went from being a bored teen from a food-loving household to finishing up a bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition and publishing two amazing cookbooks. As well as having a successful food blog, she also has her colourful Instagram. Her photos are stunning, her food styling is clean and contemporary and her recipes are mouthwatering.


Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones instagram

Ceri Jones Instagram

Why we love Ceri: Ceri Jones is a professional chef with an innovative approach and a passion for celebrating seasonal food. Many of her recipes are centred upon hearty, comforting meals that will boost energy levels and lift your mood. As well as doing a mixture of her own cooking classes and cooking demos. 


Michael Chakraverty

Michael Chakraverty instagram

Michael Chakraverty Instagram

Why we love Michael: Previous British Bakeoff contestant Michael not only bakes up the most aesthetically pleasing sweet treats but is also a mental health advocate. He has always been a keen baker and learned to bake from his mother, who passed down old, hand-written recipes from her grandparents. Inspired by the flavours of his Indian heritage, Michael has tried a number of different baking disciplines but his strengths lie in his perfect cakes and pastry.


Miguel Barclay

Miguel Barclay instagram

Miguel Barclay Instagram

Why we love Miguel: Miguel Barclay is the brains behind One Pound Meals. While being carefree and fun with his cooking, his recipes are usually hearty dishes that can be made with a few minutes of prep. His fun and laid back approach to cooking is one of the many reasons he has written 5 best selling cookbooks! and has over 290k loyal followers on his Instagram!


Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman instagram

Joshua Weissman Instagram

Why we love Joshua: Joshua Weissman is a wonderful chef with an inspiring weight loss journey. He went from being overweight to losing over 100 pounds at age 16. Now, at 21 he is healthy, fit, happy, and still have a love for food strong enough to part the seas. He started his blog to help other people enrich their lives with real food and more importantly cook their food at home, from scratch and share heart to heart moments at the table again.


Jay Morjaria

Jay Morjaria instagram

Jay Morjaria Instagram

Why we love Jay: Jay Morjaria is the founder of Central London’s first meat-free cooking school! He believes meat-free food can be inspiring and loves the challenge of changing people’s perceptions of it, and does a very good job at it. He is also heavily inspired by Korean and East Asian flavours, which is very evident in his mouthwatering colourful Instagram posts.


Michaela Vais

Michaela Vais instagram

Michaela Vais Instagram

Why we love Michaela: Michaela is our vegan recipe queen. Her goal is to show that eating plant-based food is healthy, delicious, good for our bodies and for our planet. Her beautiful plant-based food shots on Instagram look amazingly appetising! Her recipes are simple and easy to follow, yet all so mouthwatering and vibrant!


Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic instagram

Anne-Sohie Pic Instagram

Why we love Anne-Sophie: Anne-Sophie continuously explores and creates wonderful but complex new flavour combinations in her dishes. Her love for experimenting with undervalued ingredients and flavours is one of the many reasons she’s made our list! Her account is like her food: full of colour, full of variety, and always arranged to perfection, her dishes are little pieces of artwork!


Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine Pascale instagram

Lorraine Pascale Instagram

Why we love Lorraine: TV chef, fitness guru, ex-model and mum, Lorraine Pascale is one hell-of-a-superwoman. Her skills have made her one of the UK’s most talented, versatile and qualified chefs, with numerous BBC cookery programmes and her Insta-feed is a divide of mouthwatering bakes, gym pics and inspirational self-care content! What can’t she do?


Jenner Tomaska

Jenner Tomaska instagram

Jenner Tomaska Instagram

Why we love Jenner: Jenner Tomaska is all about switching things up once in a while with his out-of-the-ordinary rotating-concept restaurants. His Instagram feed also reflects this as it’s a burst of different colours textures at first glance and it really does reflect his changing styles accordingly. Jenner’s imagination is wild and he really does showcase that in all his crazy creations!


Jason Howard

Jason Howard instagram

Jason Howard Instagram

Why we love Jason: Born in Barbados, Jason Howard is now based in London and specialises in modern Caribbean cuisine. He combines his love for native Caribbean ingredients with classical French techniques to create explosions of different colours and flavours, that he regularly shares with his followers on Instagram, while also implementing his favourite ingredient: the Scotch bonnet into most of his dishes.


Lorena Salinas

Lorena Salinas Instagram

Lorena Salinas Instagram

Why we love Lorena: Lorena Salinas caters to all audiences! She creates recipes both sweet and savoury, with difficulty levels going from beginner to recipes which require a bit more skill and patience. This allows her to create a mixture of dishes that can be enjoyed and made by loving families or someone who would just like to try something new for tea!


Dinara Kasko

Dinara Kasko instagram

Dinara Kasko Instagram

Why we love Dinara: Dinara’s creations all speak for themselves. She creatively uses 3D printing as part of a process to produce wacky and weird moulds for premium cakes. Her use of different textures and modern geometric shapes make all her pastries and cakes look like they’ve been pulled out of a dream.


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver instagram

Jamie Oliver Instagram

Why we love Jamie: Jamie Oliver’s Instagram is perfect if you’re looking for family-friendly recipes. His feed consists of cute content about his family and children as well as videos that showcase simply recipes you can recreate at home. Jamie has a range of cookbooks from vegetarian food to recipes that only use 5 ingredients.


Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks Instagram

Joe Wicks Instagram

Why we love Joe: Joe Wicks has a great Instagram feed. He’s a fitness coach and cook who has a range of cookbooks that showcase how great food shouldn’t have to take hours to create. The mixture of fitness and cooking content means there really is something for everyone!


Working with chef influencers

Chef influencers have a unique advantage whereby they have the creative skills of an influencer but also the culinary skills of a chef. If for example, you sell a unique product – working with a chef influencer on Instagram, Youtube or other social networks is a great way to highlight the versatility of your products and discover new ways to use them within recipes.

If you’d like to see what foodie and influencers we have on ZINE, check out the influencers on the platform.