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July 04, 2019


ZINE’s Top 10 Mid-Level Influencers

At ZINE, influencers with a following of 50-200k are considered ‘mid-level’. Influencers within this bracket tend to have the best of both worlds – impactful reach and a decent engagement rate. They are also typically able to reach concentrated enough audience clusters for your campaigns to be well targeted.

Our influencer marketing report showed that 83% of brands will be investing more in mid-tier influencers this year. So if you’re out of inspiration for who to collaborate with, look no further. With over 200,000 influencers on ZINE you’re bound to find the mid-level influencers right for you. And to get you started we’ve chosen our favourite 10:


Alexandra Hamilton

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Top 10 mid level Influencers Alexandra Ford

Instagram handle: @alexandr_ford

Followers: 68.6k

Why we love Alexandra: Craving adventure and always on the hunt for the most perfect backdrops this influencer takes the most idyllic pictures. Keeping her followers hooked she has a decent engagement rate of nearly 6%.


Louise Tuck

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Top 10 midi level influencers  Louise Tuck

Instagram handle: @wzylouisey

Followers: 165k

Why we love Louise:  Always somewhere wymsical, Louise is one of our favourite explorers, ticking off her bucket list one adventure at a time. Louise and her husband Robin, aka Insta hubby have travelled to over 35 countries. And it’s not just countries they keep leaving, but with a following of 165k we’re guessing  they’ll soon be leaving the mid-tier influencer bracket fairly soon too.

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Aurelie & Marcel Four 

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE

Instagram handle: @lecorgi

Followers: 107k 

Why we love Marcel: As the UK’s most popular Corgi, Marcel is a midi-influencer in his own right! His content spans from travel to lifestyle to food – for two legs as well as four!


Megan Hinds

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE

Instagram handle: @txsizedhome

Followers: 51.7k

Why we love Megan: Superwoman Megan is a registered nurse by day but interiors renovator by night. With an Instagram feed to die for and a house to match, she is the midi influencer worth running to  for interior design inspo, as she has an immense reach of 78.6% meaning she’s almost always on a feed near you!


Monica Delgado


Instagram handle: @monicadelgado

Followers: 105k

Why we love Monica: The epitome of a stylish mum, we are in awe of Monica’s perfectly curated feed. Monica is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with a 70’s twist. She is perfect for affordable fashion collaborations, whether that’s for her little mini me or herself. With her flawless skin, she’s also collaborated with various skincare brands in the past. 


Michael Meyers

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE

Instagram handle: @mmeyers76

Followers: 113k

Why we love Michael: Capturing content as if it’s taken from another dimension, Michael is an incredibly talented photographer based in Chicago who’s content appeals mostly to the guys. Sharing his stories through the camera lens, we’re predicting he’ll become a macro influencer soon, with a monthly growth rate of nearly 4%. 


Victoria Chmel

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE

Instagram handle: @victoriachmel

Followers: 56.4k

Why we love Victoria: Our very own London based photographer, has an insane engagement rate of 10.4%. Her feed is the definition of spring, with blossoming flowers being a common theme in her beautifully captured content. 


Agnieszka Smycz

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE

Instagram handle: @pink.lem

Followers: 63.1k

Why we love Agnieszka: Now that Agnieszka has us hooked on her feed, ‘Pink Lemonade’ as she calls herself has become one of our favourites. Always adding her fun and colourful touch, she shares her favourite places to visit, stay and eat during her travels. 


Jessica Meyrick

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE

Instagram handle: @thewonderingdreamer

Followers: 138k

Why we love Jessica: One of our favourite globetrotters, transporting us and her 139k followers to the dreamiest locations. Having built a certain amount of  kudos along with a following of nearly 140k, she uses her own expertise to run consulting sessions, guiding anyone who aspires to be an influencer. 


Diana Millos

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | ZINE

Instagram handle: @dianamiaus

Followers: 112k

Why we love Diana: Travelling the world in style, this girl is on the lookout for stunning looking doors that of course match her outfits. As perfect pastel-coloured photos have been proven to be incredibly engaging with a 7.4% rate, It’s no wonder she’s created a second Instagram profile just for the doors she finds.