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July 04, 2019


ZINE’s Top 10 Micro Influencers

What is a micro influencer? Here at ZINE we define micro influencers as those with a following between 2k and 50k. While these influencers have a smaller following, they tend to have a higher engagement rate, more trust amongst their audience and often audiences whose interests are more defined. Our influencer marketing database is home to thousands of micro influencers, many of which collaborate with brands on gifting campaigns via our Brand Catalogue which is completely free for brands.

According to our 2019 Influencer marketing survey, 83% of brands will be investing more in micro and midi influencers. Does this include you? Well look no further… Here are our top 10 micro influencers on ZINE:


SERGIO ALBAZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sergio Alba

Instagram handle: @sergioalba

Followers: 29.5k

Why we love Sergio:  Madrid based blogger Sergio, runs a successful style blog and Instagram account where he documents his outfits in various beautiful locations. On his blog you can find travel tips, outfit inspiration and design. 

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ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Helen Adamson

Instagram handle: @helenadamson

Followers: 23.3k

Why we love Helen:  Travel blogger Helen’s Instagram feed transports you to another world documenting her fashion in the most stunning locations. She is also a successful TV host and singer in Estonia. We’re super jealous of her most recent trip to Jordan and it’s no wonder she has a high reach and an engaged audience! 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Sarah Nude and the Novice

Instagram handle: @nudeandthenovice

Followers: 37.8k 

Why we love Sarah: If colourful interiors are your thing then Sarah’s Instagram is the one for you! Her bold home is the perfect eclectic mix of prints and colours that somehow all work together wonderfully – we don’t know how she does it! Growing at a super fast rate, Sarah has retained a high engagement averaging at 16.8%. We doubt she will remain in the micro influencer category for long! 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Wouter Kaan

Instagram handle: @wouterkaan

Followers: 42.5k

Why we love Wouter: King of minimalism, Wouter Kaan is a graphic designer and content creator with a keen focus on fashion, interior design and lifestyle. His feed is perfectly curated and embodies sophistication. For anything luxury, Wouter is your man.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Ruby Moira

Instagram handle: @rubymoira

Followers: 7.9k

Why we love Ruby: Vintage superstar Ruby, encapsulates the 70s era with a modern twist and we have so much time for it. She aims to show her followers how they can be 100% themselves when choosing outfits. Her effortless glam and beautiful cat Bowie keep us coming back for more. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Boho bits of Home

Instagram handle: @bohobitsofhome

Followers: 9.9k

Why we love Aspen: Boho babe Aspen has the house of dreams. From her plant collection to her handmade macrame’s her house radiates zen. With a super high US following of 74% and a plan to start her own interior design business we can’t wait wait to see where Aspen is this time next year! 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Lucile in Wonderland

Instagram handle: @lucile_in_wonderland

Followers: 10.1k

Why we love Lucile: French foodie Lucile’s feed is full of stunning Parisian architecture and the most delicious looking food. Like her handle suggests, her Instagram transforms you into her own little wonderland. She also has a second Instagram account @healthywithlucile that documents her journey to a healthier lifestyle and the most Instagramable recipes! 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Bethan Weston

Instagram handle: @bethanweston

Followers: 3.9k

Why we love Bethan: Beauty guru Bethan has one of the highest reach (verified by Instagram) for her following out of all of our influencers. At an astounding 126.8% reach, coupled with an average engagement rate of 22.5% she’s taking the makeup industry by storm. Her bold looks feature a huge variety of brands from high street favourites such as @barrym and @revolutionmakeup to beauty counter brands including @beccacosmetics and @urbandecay. 



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Brett Morse

Instagram handle: @brettmorseoly

Followers: 23.7k

Why we love Brett: Olympian athlete turned model, Brett was diagnosed with IBD in 2013 and has since become an ambassador for two charities to raise awareness and to inspire others. Signing with one of the first British curve modelling agencies, BRIDGE, Brett has gone from strength to strength in his career and is committed to motivating his followers to believe that they can achieve their dreams. We love Brett and theirs no wonder his followers do too.



ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog | Elizabeth Harrington

Instagram handle: @thefreshscoop

Followers: 19.9k

Why we love Elizabeth: After suffering from a debilitating back injury, Elizabeth used her strength & courage to take a holistic approach to healing herself. She now documents her gluten free and primarily plant-based lifestyle on her Instagram and blog to inspire others. 





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