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April 15, 2019


ZINE’s Top 10 Fashion Influencers

The global apparel market is said to generate a staggering $1.34 trillion in sales each year. Regardless of the financial climate around the globe, it’s an industry that continues to grow year on year. Social media has a significant role to play in this. While in the past, fashion was led by publications like Vogue, social media has brought fashion closer to the average person through the influencers they follow.

According to Retail Gazette*, 45% of Instagram users in Britain say they follow fashion accounts to get inspiration for future purchases. This is great news for fashion brands – though given how advanced they are in the realms of influencer marketing; I’m guessing its nothing new!

However, with so many fashion influencers out there, how do you distinguish which ones are right for your brand?

With a rapidly growing database of over 200K influencers and an advanced search to help narrow my search, here are my top 10 fashion influencers on ZINE – chosen for their great engagement and unique style!


Yoann Kev

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Yoann Kev

Instagram handle: @yoannkev

Followers: 44.3k

Why we love Yoann: Parisian based Yoann has chiselled features, beautiful content and smoking engagement. His Instagram feed shows off some great threads, an envious lifestyle and is sure to inspire his followers.


Orion Carloto

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Orion Vanessa

Instagram handle: @orionvanessa

Followers: 557k

Why we love Orion:  When it comes to Instagram profiles, the rule of thumb is – the higher the number of followers, the lower the average engagement. Orion has almost half a million followers, yet her average engagement is over 5% and she is continuing to amass even more followers. The LA based mega-babe has impeccable style, even managing to master the art of flat-lay in an incredibly authentic manner.  

The Top Fashion Brands Influencers Talk About [Infographic]


Pascale Banks

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Style Mum

Instagram handle: @style_mum

Followers: 34.6k 

Why we love Pascale: We love Pascale a.k.a. Style Mum firstly because we want her wardrobe and secondly, because she has an engaged audience which continues to grow steadily each month. Her audience is mostly female, mostly UK based, but her classic but cool style and content appeals to women of varied ages. 


Rachel Reany

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Rachel London

Instagram handle: @rachlondon

Followers: 12.6k

Why we love Rachel: Rachel is a London based fashion blogger with a beautifully styled feed, rich in links and references to where her audience can shop her looks. The outfits and accessories themselves are a healthy mix of luxury and high street, which makes her appeal to a wider audience. The icing on the cake though – her higher than average engagement. 


Maureen Kragt

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Maureen Kragt-1

Instagram handle: @maureenkragt

Followers: 92.2k

Why we love Maureen: In her own words Maureen delivers ‘An uber polished fashion blog – just like a magazine’ so expect high fashion and artistic shots. Maureen is creative and detailed and has an exceptionally high engagement for her feed. 


Anicia & Patricia

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Materialistic Suicide

Instagram handle: @materialisticsuicide

Followers: 22.3k

Why we love Anicia & Patricia: Two girls, two cities, a lot of fashion! This German duo showcase their travels and attire in a laid-back glamorous feed. They have both high engagement, good monthly growth. 


Fabrizio Aldo Belfiore

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Fabrizioaldobelfoire

Instagram handle: @fabrizioaldobelfiore

Followers: 261k

Why we love Fabrizio: This Turin based tattoo artist / fashion creator is incredibly versatile while at the same time super authentic. Whether he’s on his motor-bike, in jeans with his tattoos exposed, or tailored to the nines, his style is cool, classic and mixes high-street with the high-end.


Amelia Taylor

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Amelia Taylor-1

Instagram handle: @withameliataylor

Followers: 27.3k

Why we love Amelia: We love this Brighton based cool-girl as she has impeccable style and great engagement. Her followers’ brand affinities are almost 100% pure fashion and she has a very high percentage of followers based in the UK. Paired with her high engagement, she makes for an excellent candidate for fashion brands interested in reaching young women in the UK.


Cristina Samohvalov

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Christina Styles-1

Instagram handle: @cristinaastyles

Followers: 18.8k

Why we love Cristina: Cristina has a beautifully curated feed, with a slightly vintage feel and high audience engagement. 


Madiha Hussain

ZINE Influencer Marketing Blog - Madiha-1

Instagram handle: @madihablobbb

Followers: 98.9k

Why we love Madiha: Based in Scotland, Madiha is a fashion & lifestyle influencer whose beautiful feed displays her classic style – beautifully curated. What’s more, while she has amassed 100k followers while retaining a high engagement. 




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